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comment of the night from ketters!!!!!

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'dont let karkouri take it please no'

is that the third time mate? legend!!


  • and didnt i say it would be fortune going tonight!!!!!! i knew it! huckers in on loan?
  • in fairness, half the pub was saying don't hit it, not just ketman !

    landlord said he'd never heard a draw cheered so loudly before !
  • i was ordering a drink when it flew in and my request came out like this..

    "Pint of.....TALAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Poor barmaid didnt know what hit her.
  • Morning all, it was nice to put some faces to names last night. Overall 1-1 seemed a fair result from what I saw. Sorry I had to duck out early but duty called.
  • Get out from under the stairs "JW Potter"!!
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: carlsberg[/cite]'dont let karkouri take it please no'

    is that the third time mate? legend!![/quote]

    Just as Charlton were lining up the free-kick the radio commentator went into a lengthy explanation as to why El K shouldn't take the free kick the gist of it being his free kicks ended in the top tier, only to eat his words seconds later.
  • I suppose his success ratio at Free Kicks must be nearly 1% Now..!
  • Good night indeed last night, i was well pleased with that draw!

    Nice to meet some other lifers last night, JW, hillsy
  • Where were you all watching it then?
  • i was just thinking the same Heath.

    Mind u all chelsea in carshalton and sutton so probably wouldn't have got it here anyway
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  • There was a few Lifers congregated in a Pub somewhere in the South East yes!
  • LOL fair enough shouldn't have expected it to be named and rightly so.
  • [cite]Posted By: carlsberg[/cite]'dont let karkouri take it please no'

    I think the radio commentator was saying it too!
  • Which pub ketts?
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