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PES11 on xbox 360

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Has anyone created Charlton Pro evo 11 on the 360?

i've had a crack but need a decent option file or something to have it spot on.

nice one


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    Played the demo of it and thought it was shocking compared to FIFA. I was pro evo mad a few years ago but they ruined it.
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    edited March 2011
    I like Pro Evo 2011 and also have it on the 360 and like the way it plays this year, I would be interested to see the designs you have come up with Se7 lad and if you have uploaded them to any site. I must admit I used to spend hours tinkering with the kits on Pro Evo in the PS2/Xbox 1 days but nowadays I really don't have the kind of time that all that editing requires to make it authentic.Those Macron/Football League arm logo's must be a pain to get right on the Charlton strip too! I must admit I do prefer the ready made authenticity of Fifa these days.
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    Ive got the kits in .PNG format it that helps??
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