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Premier League Darts

Have allways watched darts here and there. But in the last 5 weeks have sat down after work and watched it religiously, and got tickets to one in Brighton in 2weeks time.
Very commerical thought but all good fun
anyone else watchTaylor v Anderson best game ive ever seen fantastic


  • If Taylor v Anderson was the best game you ever seen, you've got some catching up to do!
  • Ive only started watching it last couple months
    Lived in a house full of girls,
    was lucky to watch any football
    dragging my missus along to brighton
    still a novice to darts
  • Have to agree with JT on this!!

    There have been so many great darts matches over the last few years. The 1 that immediately springs to mind is the premier league final from last year. Taylor beat Wade 10-9 and did 2 9 darters in the match. Incredible

    Others that spring to mind are Barneveld's 1st PDC world title (2007??) The final against Taylor was excellent! Also Anderson V Taylor at the world grand prix in dublin last year!!

    So many others I can think of too!!

    1 thing is for sure. In my opinion darts makes great TV drama!!!!
  • You have just got to love a 9 darter. Was quite flat tonight in terms of atmosphere, Glasgow should be decent next week.

    December the 5th - watch this;
  • Anyone watch the darts last night?

    Disgraceful scenes from Glasgow with beer thrown over Lewis as he walked to the stage and coins thrown towards the players as they were throwing.

    Was waiting for Lewis and Anderson to walk off at any time. The pair looked glad to finish the game and get out of there.
  • yeah saw some of that, I think all the players don't mind a bit of banter etc but it went way over the top for Lewis, booing his every throw and throwing things at him.
  • The crowd last night were out of order but it was always going to happen with lewis in scotland after his comments at the grand slam of darts when he accused john henderson of cheating against him in there group game. I think it was totally out of order but I'm not suprised it happened. I think the pdc tried to head off some of the flack by havng him play anderson but it didn't work.
  • edited March 2011
    Its funny how it all went quiete when Lewis started to get ahead. He showed a lottle of bottle on that stage.
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