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Klitschko v Solis

On SS1 soon. Looking forward to this.


  • love you ,nearly forgot
  • Rubbish, he done his knee on the canvas, nothing to do with the punch at all
  • cant help that really
  • the best brother
  • 90 minutes of build up, 3 minutes of posturing and a buckled leg, glad it wasn't PPV, or Haye vs Klitschko, it's a shame because this could have been a nice little upset to the brothers
  • Shame Vitali lost some of his best years through injury. In saying that there has been a lack of decent opponents for a while.
  • said to nolly earlier that Haye and the Klitschko brothers are the only heavyweights that actually bother getting in shape. Solis was in pathetic shape , he had more rolls than Greggs. I can't believe that the Germans lap up their fights when they only ever fight has beens or overhyped fatties

    The thing that annoys me more than anything is the fact that none of the governing bodies will make the brothers number one contenders for each others titles and make them face each other.

    Cannot wait for Haye to get his chance now
  • they could do that but they would just vacate and fight for ring title etc, best weight at present is light welters
  • thing is even when Tyson was dominating the heavyweights the division was still of some interest , now there is no one coming through outside the three champs.

    Fortunately there are plenty of other decent fighter throughout the divisions and as you say nolly the light welters are really making things exciting right now
  • what happened imo was when eastern bloc fighters got the ok to go pro they started to dominate and there styles of upright boxing styles dont really sell it to the boxing fan,black heavyweights from us have receded because there is more money in us football and basketball,a real shame i think the 80s with witherspoon and thomas had some real characters,haye and one of the brothers has to happen to keep it alive. Nothing coming through
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  • that's the biggest problem Dan , nothing coming though. Just look at the domestic front , Tyson Fury ? do me a favour
  • my old trainer a charlton fan i believe trains tom dallass,looks good but they all get koed before long,hopefully not him he throws nice but a touch stiff
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