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Get in there you beauties!


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  • Me thinks the blue side won the Old Firm game ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Nice one, Walter gets a trophy in his final season.
  • 20th trophy for Walter in his final ever cup final.

    Whatever anyone's beliefs, a fantastic football achievement.

    Up the Gers
  • How many times have these two met this season alone?
    The old firm is so boring. Despite being a VERY proud Brit i think supporting Rangers is an even bigger embarrassment than supporting CAFC.
    You need look no further than the morons at cafc who sing rangers songs to see what i mean about rangers fans being an embarrassment, and as if ANYONE gives a toss. WE ARE THERE TO WATCH CHARLTON!!!
  • i support celtic since i was a kid no problem with people supporting rangers either,anyway its all about the league i fancy that to go the last game
  • I don't think 20 cups is an achievement for either Old Firm team .

    What was probably the greatest modern achievements in Scottish football in my lifetime was Sir Alex Ferguson who for a few years in the 80's broke the Old Firm's grip on Cups / titles by making Aberdeen a real force or when First Division Raith Rovers beat Celtic in a Scottish League Cup Final in the early 90's .
  • Rangers have won 53 league titles, 33 Scottish cups, and now 27 League cups, some acheivement in my books, in fact, the league title wins is currently a world record.
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  • they'd probably both give my vets side a decent game i reckon
  • Jelavic was fantastic today, if onlt he'd been available in Europe his season.
  • only one club in scotland has a star on its chest,sort of beats anything that european cup.
  • so happy...cant stand celtic and lennon.

    weiss is gonna be a proper player
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