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The Strangest Situation!

Today up in surprisingly sunny Scotland I had a strange situation.This involved myself and two spanners jumping round the pub among others celebrating Rangers win.After this I feel strange.Bit like those Fosters adverts need a bit of advice! I feel strangely violated,maybe I need help lol!


  • I guess that's just what happens on those rare occassions the sun comes out in Scotland - people lose it.
  • Bloody hell you do need help.......................................who in their right mind goes to Scotland ;-)
  • Ive been exiled up there for a while so I cant blame that...........Off it has hit the nail on the head sun to early in the year!!
  • Did rangers win? You celebrated?

    Explains your post in the best things you like about Ireland. Figures.
  • If ever I found myself celebrating a domestic game either of those "clubs" won, even more so against each other, I would poke my own eyes out.
  • Thats a fair deduction curb it but its not why Im not that keen on Ireland.Its to do with getting ripped off,getting my head kicked in and some work hassle,basically if I get any where near anything Irish it goes badly wrong for me!
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