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Managers Top 10

Our manager is under pressure, lets all get behind him tomorrow.
Meanwhile there have been some really crazy/unsuitable/unbelievable appointments in the game over the years.
Here's my Top Ten - INPO

1) John Barnes - Celtic
2) Roy Hodgson - Liverpool
3) Howard Wilkinson - Sunderland
4) Steve Coppel - Man City
5) Brian Clough - Leeds
6) Terry Venables - Leeds
7) Mike Walker - Everton
8) Les Reed - Charlton
9) Christian Gross - Tottenham
10) Peter Taylor - Everywhere he's been!


  • dowie anywhere pr--k
  • edited March 2011
    Berti Vogts-Scotland
    George Graham-Tottenham
    Paul Gascoigne-some non-league team
  • [cite]Posted By: razorray0[/cite]dowie anywhere pr--k

    Did well at Palace. Would have done a good job with us if he was actually given a chance.
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