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Strange things that have happened to you on matchdays

Check your crook lock first...

Just before last season's home match versus the O's, I had a knee op and was on crutches. My wife drove and parked in Westmoor Street - on the industrial estate. After that limp 0-1 defeat on a freezing January night, we got back to the car just after 22.00 then the HORROR MOMENT: I had a new steering wheel lock (which I'd securely clipped on), my wife had used the spare car key and the lock key was on my bunch… at home in Kent!!!
I phoned for recovery: 45 minutes became 1.5 hours; eventually around 00.30 the recovery guy arrived but he was still waiting for clearance to take us home. It was just before 01.00 that I suddenly felt something in my trouser pocket.... my bunch of keys with the key to the crook lock!!!!!
Moral of the story???


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    That is terrible from you Oliver! That's the sort of thing your mother would've bollocked you for when you were 11 or 12, "have you checked your pockets?"!!


    My engine overheated in traffic by BP on the lower road after the 2 nil win against Spurs in about 2005, and so we pulled into the garage. Eager to get home, my brother decided to cool it down more quickly by spraying the hose all over the engine. After his efforts the engine wouldn't start (I know sod all about mechanics but subsequently discovered water had got in the spark plugs), and so we ended up spending the entire night kipping in my Rover Metro (my breakdown cover had run out about 2 weeks before), and even had some passing coppers push us round the forecourt trying to bump start us at about 3am. I've told this story elsewhere on here before.

    Still, a cracking win with two great goals from Thomas and Murphy and a night / story / game that I will remember fondly and with amusement to my death.
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    I saw us win once! Sorry someone was going to say it weren't they ;-)
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    [cite]Posted By: Stig[/cite]I saw us win once! Sorry someone was going to say it weren't they ;-)

    That's why I opened this thread. I'll be off now.
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    Me too!
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    1. Drunk and naked, except for a Charlton flag, in a pirates cave.

    2. Night in a Thai police station cell.

    NB 1. was on same night as 2. Crazy golf.
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    Pouring with rain, after an evening game, shut the back hatch door of my car and the rear windscreen shattered and fell into the car. No option but to drive home and get it fixed the following day. Very cold and noisy journey!
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    Semedo scoring at the Valley.
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    Strange co-incidence today. This morning my eldest son said, "I fancy listening to The Libertines today, I'd also like to hear that Embarrassment song by Madness". A couple of hours later we were in the car heading for Charlton. Eldest is in the back and my youngest is sitting in the passenger seat controlling the stereo. He put two CDs on one after the other Up The Bracket and Absolutely. My eldest had no idea those two CDs were in the car, my youngest had no idea that his brother wanted to hear them (he'd probably have picked something else otherwise), and yes we do have considerably more than 2 CDs.
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    Went to Liverpool several years ago when I was about 14 and was separated from my friends at the end of the game. I was walking along some narrow residential cobbled street near the ground, towards the buses that take you back to the station after the game, when about a group of 30 - 40 year old scousers asked me the time......... I woke up as three Mrs Boswell type women had come out of their houses and were beating them with brooms and chasing them off - all very surreal! And the scousers stole my right shoe!!!! I've hated scousers ever since!
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    Took the future Mrs.M to her first ever game in March '69 (oddly enough): CAFC 2- Blades1. Went on my old Triumph 650 which conked out on Mitcham common on the way back to Wimbledon where she lived. Started pushing and after a while a copper pulled up and had a chat (around 11p.m by then). Turned out he was Chelsea but his dad had been Charlton. He went off and I started pushing again. Ten minutes later a police van rolls up and asks if we wanted a ride to Wimbledon and two coppers loaded the untaxed/un Mot'd 'bike into the back of the wagon and took us to the door. Wouldn't even have a drink.
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