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Chelsea and Man City in European ban risk

This was on the BBC site this morning.

Two of English football's top-four clubs could be excluded from European competition in future as they fail Uefa rules that are about to be introduced.

The Financial Fair Play Regulations do not come into force until 1 June and will not really bite until 2013.

However, a study of recent accounts by BBC Sport shows Chelsea and Manchester City would fall well short of the rules if they were being applied today.

City were £110m in the red while Chelsea showed a deficit of over £50m.

Uefa's rules allow clubs to run up losses of £65m over the first five years.

Financial fair play has been introduced by European football's governing body Uefa to try and level the playing field between clubs funded by the super rich and those less fortunate.

In simple terms, teams cannot spend more than they generate from the football side of their business.

Surely there's plenty of other clubs around Europe that would suffer? Real Madrid spring to mind. They seem to have their debts written off every year. Barca?

Can't say I disagree with the principle though. If it can be worked then it's something I'd like to see on a domestic level throughout european leagues. Stop these silly wages once and for all.


  • There goes our chances of Europe.

    Damn these seriously wealthy new owners!

    : - )
  • I don't get this, Barca have had to introduce a proper shirt sponsor to generate money, Madrid have spent about a much as Chelsea and Man City have, Man United have huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge debts too, they are only getting away with it because of the sellable assets they have
  • I'm sure this can't be done, but what's to stop Mr Roman buying a little shop down the Kings Rd then getting them to sponser chelsea for £50 per season? Surely that would then be classed as revenue?
  • Total non story. The owners of both clubs have been happy to throw money into them in the past all they need to do is sponsor a player's shirt for £30 Million and you have 30 million additional revenue and you're not in the red anymore. To answer Tango's point there's absolutely nothing to stop this. What it would stop is clubs like Leeds who wrote checques that they couldn't cash. It also stops tycoons from loaning the club cash to have a few glory years then poking off. It means that they have to give the money so the club is a bit more sustainable, it's all very sensible.
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