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for all us golfers out there.......

something that'll make us smile.
after deciding it'd be a good idea to let the broadcasters mike him up for the texas open, kevin na takes 16 shots on 1 hole.
i have been hacking my way around kent/sussex/surrey/essex for the best part of 25 years and have never taken a 16. (though i have never hit 5 birdies in a round as he also did).


  • Since he was miked up, do we know what his reaction was as he left that green ?
  • He finally carded a 15 after it was confirmed that he didn't have an air shot in the woods! I have never seen anything like it. Check that. Just looked at his score card & they have it as 16. If he had parred it, he would have been 4 under!!
  • Aye - I saw this last night. I've only been playing four months, but even I've never done worse than 12 on a hole. Bloke must have wanted the ground to swallow him up!
  • Was great to see. His caddy had the hump. But Na was laughing about it afterwards.
  • What happened to the rest of his Surname tho!!??
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