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Headers & Volleys

When I was a kid this was such a simple game. One goalkeeper versus two or more outfielders who could only score with a header or a volley and that was about it. Recently I've played a couple of times with my kids and it has got far more complex, there seems to be a different rule or caveat for every possible situation: Everyone has a number of lives, if the keeper catches a shot or you kick it out, you lose a life. "Headers save all", "crossbar saves all", no shooting in the six yard box and "roses' as a punishment for losing your lives. What's your experience of playing Headers and Voles (as it's now called)? Was it simple like mine or did you different rules and variations?


  • We played it with 66 seconds as the limit. First you had to get one goal in 66 seconds, then 2 etc.

    You were out if your volley or header was caught one handed by the keeper or if you scored a goal that wasn't a header or volley.

    Think we got 5 in 66 seconds once.
  • Person who gi da the winning point to the keeper goes in goal. I love this game. What about fumbles... keeper parrets it you can score even if its not. Header or vol!
  • goalie counts to 66, no volleys in a set area, everyone shares 10 lives, losing a life whenever a goal goes in, if a shot is caught by the goalie the shooter goes in goal and loses a life, when lives are 0 whoever is in goal has to bend over on the goal line and the rest of players take a 'penalty' aiming for the goalies arse.
  • We've just started a bit of pre-season training.
  • If you lose, you get ball smashed at you from each player from a few yards
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    few diff rules pretty much 3 lives you lose by hitting it out or getting the ball caught when lost you go in goal or...
    [cite]Posted By: JT[/cite]If you lose, you get ball smashed at you from each player from a few yards

    3 smashed windows (hitting it over three times) and you go in goal - pretty much same rules as above.

    As we all got older and could volley the ball a lot harder no volleys inside 6 yrd box, and also outrageous attempts you couldnt lose lives on, over heads/sissor kicks or handstand kicks etc

    Was actually discussing this at work, one of those days you dream of games of headers n volleys in the sun, life doesnt get better than whole afternoons playing headers n volleys
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    When we play it we start with a set number of lives, with the keeper getting one more than the others. The ball must be passed to you to score, you couldnt flick it up and header it or volley it yourself to score, if you do you lose a life and you're the keeper. hitting the ball wide, over or the keeper saving it loses you a life and you must go in goals. Scoring a goal loses the keeper a life. And you cant score from inside 6 yards unless its a header from a cross. Think thats about it.
    Oh and we just call it Heads and Volleys over here

    Now i really want to play a game!!
  • Used to look headers & volleys also loved playing knockout. Where you had one keeper and everyone else played against each other. When you scored you sat out for that round, if there was 6 of you playing, the first to score would go through to the next round. The non scorer was out of the game, this carried out until to the final, then it was the first to 3. If you won, you had the chance to go in goal.
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    The way our kids play is that only the goalkeeper can lose a life. Any infringement by an outfielder puts them in goal - so there is a really quick turnaround in who's doing what. If a goal is scored it is the outgoing goalkeeper who has to retrieve the ball, but if they are quick enough they are allowed to throw it straight onto the head of one of the attackers to score a goal against the new keeper.
  • Doubles Knockouts was second-to-none, especially when you could get at least four pairs + one goalie playing.

    I also remember H&V being 60 seconds, not the completely random 66?

    Apart from that, similar rules. No shots inside 6 yard box, if target not met in 60 seconds then last one to touch it goes in goal. If keeper has last touch, ten seconds overtime. Always led to desperate scraps to avoid touching it last in the final 5 seconds - some players would team up to ensure the keeper touched it last, others would sell each other down the river.

    Wonderful stuff. I now fancy a game.
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    Now I think about it more, I also remember that if a player sent the ball completely out of the astro turf, or if the goalkeeper could catch a shot with one hand, that player went in goal automatically.
  • Still play a fair bit down the park.

    3 lives, lose a life for missing/keeping catching it.

    Once all your lives are gone you get 'red arse', which is everyone punting the ball at you from about 7/8 yards, one kick each.
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