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Why Gravesend?

Why is it that more often than not, Gravesend is reported as the hottest location (temperature wise!) in the UK? What is so special about Gravesend? It always used to be Heathrow.


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    the amount of curries cooked there mate
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    They record the weather from the South East there. Simples.
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    If Kent is the Garden of England then Gravesend is the compost heap!
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    It's because i live there. I'm DAMN hot. ;-)

    I have notice this. Normally pops up at least 2-3 times every year.

    And Chirpy, Gravesend might not be too great but there's definately a hell of a lot worse towns in kent (any that come under Medway for a start).
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    easy lads gravesend aint that bad. you really hurt my feelings with some of them off the cuff, throw away remarks... gravesend is the gateway to london and defender of the city via the thames link during the war, how dare you ;o)
    if your gunna pick on a shite town in kent then look no further than gillingham, hahaha!!!

    chirpy, there is quite a good explanation on wiki (i just searched for gravesend) under climate why the town is always so hot, no mention of currys though ;o)
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    The compost thing is just a old joke. You can insert any town in Kent you want. Don't take it personally.
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    It's actually all down to a deal we made with the indian Govt many years ago. Their people were initially reluctant to come and settle here due to our climate, so a deal was made to buy 10% of every indian summer for the next 100 years.

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    Gravesend , names says it all really ... what a dump!

    Just kidding.
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    It's all about the burning cars
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    [cite]Posted By: Charltonparklane[/cite]It's all about the burning cars

    Don't you mean the bunting and fast cars?
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    [cite]Posted By: Mendonca In Asdas[/cite]Gravesend , names says it all really ...
    The beginning of hell?
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