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Fishing - Sea Bass.

Hi all I'm going fishing in Ford next week, and I hear bass is the most likely catch.

So before I disappear off on a tangent, what is the nest bait for Bass fishing?

Many thanks



  • sandeel
  • Cheers Nolly are these best bought from a fishing store or is there another way to get them?
  • alive or frozen in most fishing shops
  • Brilliant cheers Nolly!
  • Ragworm will pull you in some fish not just bass watch out though the bst ragworm does bite
  • Cool thanks NLA
  • Don't for get to put small ones back. Really important.
  • And to put rubbish in bins...
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    Make sure that if it is big enough you gut it and get it in ice ASAP, 1 hard bang on the nogging with a priest rip its guts out and put it in the icy bath.

    If its a bass some thyme ,garlic, zest of lemon in the cavity that gutting it provides wrap it in foil (not too tight enough space for the air to circulate) and give it 10 to 12 mins on the barbie once its got white hot coals,

    Do it on the beach as soon as you get off your boat
  • Had sea bass last night....lllaaaaavvvllllyyyyyy
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  • Didn't catch a darn thing... Used sand eels


    But then that could have been down to it being the river Arun?

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