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Truro City FC

Bit drunk, sorry.

Although I'm a Addick through and through - I hope you lot don't mind if I give a shout out to Truro City FC - promoted as champi-owe-nees to the Conference South today (well Saturday) but we won the league today - awesome. It's great to have that feeling of success occasionally like we used to have at The Valley - had too much to drink - got to work tomorrow - but I'm doing a celebration disco at The City Inn, Truro on Friday if any of you want to come! 1600 at the game today, too. Not bad for a tuppenny hayppeny 'alf a sixpence outfit, neither!!

Who knows? A couple of years from now, Charlton v Truro could be a fixture!

Up the Truro and the Addicks!


  • See you at Bromley next season!
  • Yes! Will do! look out for me - Ill wear my Charlton top and a Fez. I wear a Fez now, fezzes are cool!
  • Congratulations mate, must be a good feeling. I've always kept an eye on City over the years as we've traced the family history back to the area and there is actually a plaque in the cathedral in rememberance of one of my ancestors (Georgr Fitz-Pen) . Also my brother passed his driving test there. Enjoy the week.
  • Just make sure that you let Weymouth take all three points on Saturday.
  • My little brother was born in Truro and my cousin played a few games for them (about 20 odd years ago) and I know what it feels like when your hometown club does well, still can't believe Crawley in the football league proper!
  • [cite]Posted By: Petefromcornwall[/cite]Yes! Will do! look out for me - Ill wear my Charlton top and a Fez. I wear a Fez now, fezzes are cool!

    & Stetsons.......
  • Having spent quite a bit of time in Cornwall over the years, I have been following Truro's development over the last few years with interest. Their progress has been amazing, storming through the local/regional leagues with ease. However, I can't help feeling that it's gonna go pear shaped at some point. They must have a pretty high payroll given the amount of ex leaguers on the staff. Their squad list over the last couple of seasons looks like an Exeter City reunion plus Barry Hayles. Not sure how they can fund that on an average gate of around 500, and next years travel expenses will be high with many trips to the London & SE area. That said many opportunities to catch them next season (Bromley/Dartford/Welling/Dover/Ebbsfleet etc)

    Doesn't look like they have many locals playing. I know there are financial question marks over one of Kevin Heaney's (owner) property companys and a lot hinges on their ability to get planning permission for a new ground. Petefromcornwall any word on new ground??

    Hope I'm wrong. Would be awesome to see them in conference/league 2!
  • Hasn't a local business man put a few million into them, which is why they've been racing away with every league their in. He was linked with buying Plymouth a few weeks ago, so if that did go through not sure what that would mean for Truro. Probably go back down the divisions as fast as they came up
  • Sorry about last night - was a little pissed.

    Oh Truro City - what an enigma, where do you start? Some history:

    I've lived in Cornwall 20 years - been watching Truro for ten of those since a non Cornish mate introduced me. It was a pound to get in and we'd stand on the field being rained on and avoiding packs of dogs chasing sticks.

    The Cornish prefer their rugby on the whole - so they are apathetic towards Truro FC - hope any other Cornishmen on here forgive me for saying so. In the pubs it's all Football v Rugby.

    Truro City's local rivals are a great little outfit called Falmouth Town - or just 'Town'. Used to go there too - Bickland Park.

    Enter Kevin Heaney a local millionaire about six years ago - I first became aware of him at the Cornish Cup final when Truro played Bodmin at our greatest stadium 'St Blazey'. I can't comment on Kevin Heaney but I've spoken to him a few times. He always says hello. He bought Jake Ash our talisman - a great defender - from Falmouth Town - as well as some other players. Jake still plays for us as Captain, a great defender and can also score from set pieces. Also Stuart Yetton who scored at Wembley against Totton in the FA Vase final 2007. Marcus Martin too.

    We keep winning - five promotions in six years. The football is played at a very fast pace and pretty on the eye.

    As success grew, so did the rumours and the fans - we now average 500 but yesterday some 2000. A lot of the new fans are Londoners. I personally know fans from Palace, Millwall and Leyton Orient but other clubs are well represented too - Huddersfield, Notts Forest, Newcastle. They call me 'Oi Charlton'.

    A lot of the locals prefer Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal but don't come to see Truro City FC - a shame really.

    Our most recent season the players are coming from outside such as Barry Hayles and Les Affel but they mix with local lads and Truro has a good youth system bringing players through.

    Stadium? There are plans for a stadium in Truro where the Cornish Pirates would share with TCFC but who knows if it would ever happen. It's certainly true that the Treyew Road ground is a great piece of Real Estate should the club move. we are a very small city, mind you.

    Last year Neil Warnock (I believe he lives in Cornwall) bought the Crystal Palace senior team to play Truro. They beat us one nil. None too shabby.

    So there you have it. By the way, we all seem to wear Fezzez now for some reason!
  • Doing well at the moment 3/3 so far!
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