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(Sir) Henry Irving. Not at The Valley ?

T'was my birthday today, and, what with CAFC and AFCB winning, and having a beer or two with friends & fellow lifers (& Plaaaayers new piiiiiece (Sorry CWLC)), then spending a comfortable evening with loved ones & our new puppy, a really enjoyable day was had. And I thank you all. But.

Where was (Sir) Henry Irving ?

I think We should be told.


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    I think you had a result mate.....
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    Blimey, for a minute there I thought this was going to be one of them "RIP" threads!

    I'm sure I saw Henry at the side of the pitch at the start of the game as per usual - telling the ball boys that under no circumstances were they to get involved in anything other than throwing the ball back.
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    And AdamtheAddick was missing too ?
    Connection ?
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    Royal wedding rehearsal. FACT
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    T'was my day of birth yesterday too MOG, happy birthday for yesterday!
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    He was at Palace vs. Leeds. FACT.
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    [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]He was at Palace vs. Leeds. FACT.

    I heard this rumour circulating yesterday, but after checking the OS there was no announcement so I knew it couldn't be true.

    Or could it?
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    Classless freeloader is what i heard someone in Lib say.....
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