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Leasing a car

Anyone do it, got any tips, dos and donts, any cheap places?



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    I've done it in the past - both personal lease and business lease. They are now getting very tight with the mileage - some offering as little as 6,000 miles per year and the excess mileage can be 10p per mile. If you seach around you can get some good offers - depends what models manufacturers have an excess of. I used to use ABC Leasing, who were by far the cheapest. Don't forget that they add VAT on top of their pricess, which is now a ridiculous 20%...! Most include road tax and some now include maintenance. Good luck.
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    I have done for several years.

    I've been using Freedon Vehicle Contracts Ltd. - very efficient.
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    Cheers for replies, appreciated
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    Bear in mind that you are effectively financing the depreciation of the car over the 3 years which is why a quality car with low depreciation can be good value. It's the end of the contract where you can get hit as already mentioned by mileage but they can try and sting you for every dink and blemish.  I got a list of defects when I handed back my Merc and given a bill for £800. Argued it down to £250.
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