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Congratulations Naarwich

Congratulations to the carrots. I have had phone calls and messages all night giving me stick from a number of NAAAAwich fans in Pompey.

How long will they keep hold of Lambert?


  • Just goes to show how big a part confidence can play in upping performances. They just carried on from last season. Sentiment will have to be put aside for next season though, as this team would get murdered in the Prem without major strengthening.
  • Really brings home how low we have fallen, two years back they are relegated with us and now they are two divisions higher
  • I can see them playing in 5 divisions in 5 seasons, far better than supporting a team like Blackburn who are mealy making up the numbers in the top flight no matter what OhhArr says.

    I can't think of a reason for Lambert to leave.
  • Lambert's next step would only come about if they are relegated, which although likely is no certainty, he would then probably get a lower middle Prem club.  Shame that none of the big boys would ever take the plunge on such an obvious talent
  • A consistently well managed Club, with good Directors and loyal supporters. In a football world now dominated by foreign owners they are a breath of fresh air, and I would like to see them do well in the Premiership. A brave decision to change manager after one game, and didn't it pay off !
  • Shows how important a good spine to the team is. Had a good keeper last season but he was only on loan, Doherty did a job for them, replaced both with the right players while holding onto Hoolahan and Holt.

    As well as bringing in Lambert they also took a gamble on signing Holt (£400k after relegation from the Champ) but it's paid off. A lot of money if he had got injured or not scored the goals, but imagine if we had someone like BWP last season.

    Well done to them. Will be interesting to see what sort of players they bring in and how they do next season.
  • Naarwidge have huge debts according to my brother in law, who supports them, yet like Real Madrid they carry on without a care in the world
  • I didn't realise, Lambert was in charge of Wycombe when they beat us in the Carling Cup when Reed was in charge.

    He's done a good job wherever he's been and I think he's got a very long future as one this countries top managers.
  • It rather disproves the often trotted out FACT that there are no good managers out there.  Lambert, Poyet, Grayson and Adkins were all inspired appointments that have paid off in spades.
  • All fairly young managers in their first or one of their first jobs as well. Though a few fans have already written off Powell completely and said experience is needed to get promoted
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  • even more depressing when you consider that we outplayed them twice last season, especially at the valley when i've never come away from a game feeling so pig sick that we'd lost! the amount of late goals they score in games is unbelievable, its assured them promotion this season and last
  • I have no doubts that if we were promoted last season then we would have been up in the top half of the Championship, based on the games we had against them I don't think it's unreasonable to say that could have been us. Just goes to show how much easier it is if you manage to bounce straight back up after a relegation
  • They will keep going from strength to strength and will be in European comps within two years

    Well done Naarwich!
  • i'd rather be sitting in blackburns position sloshin away mid prem than in ours F or Def

    and there are no guarantees of promotion and realistically a steady premiership club has more chance of cup success(fark off nolly) and will be in a better run financial position than a club yo yoing really low like naaaaridge


    but if there could be guarantees of promotion after relegations and you'd always arrive back at the top table i can understand why some would enjoy seeing their team smash pub football teams for  a season

    but i preferred it when we had world class players like bent ,parker etc playing for us and matching up against the greatest teams in the world and yes usually losing than whipping mk dons 5-1

    and the Fact that millwall are gonna finish above us for the 3rd season running for the first time in 37 years adds to the shame of being in the lower leagues

  • "Naarwidge have huge debts according to my brother in law, who supports
    them, yet like Real Madrid they carry on without a care in the world"

    Not any more!

    I would rather be were Blackburn are than us, but was comparing them to Norwich. I would prefer to see my team win and collect silverware.

    this will be the second time that they've finished above us.
  • next year millwall will finish above us for the 3rd time in a row
  • oohaah stop depressing me. 
    Dag & Red and Barnet are both worse than we are. Yay!
  • One day... one day.
  • sorry east stand i'd be too embarrassed to take the pee out of dagger fans or barnet if i knew em ......

    i mean where is tha banter next year , orient oh great


    maybe gillingham for your medway pikeys!

  • I know. I was hoping the scum would come back down. At least then we'd have someone to shout at. 
    I'm just trying to find a silver lining in all this bollox. 
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  • we wont lose to millwall or palace in the league next year!
  • Thats more like it. 
  • Lucky they appointed Lambert wasn't it. First choice was Fulham coach Ray Lewington but Norwich Chief Exec, formerly Chief Exec at Fulham, wanted him to walk from Fulham first so that Norwich didn't have to pay compensation. Ray, being a gent, refused. Lambert had no such qualms doing the dirty though on Colchester. The rest, as they say, is history.
  • The day Lambert started at colchester he told the players he won't be there long he was passing on thru to better things !!
  • Well done, Naarwich - that's quite an achievement.
  • Well done. It must be hard when your mother is your sister... 
  • All those clubs that used to dream of "doing a Charlton", must now dream of doing a Norwich. Good luck to them.

    Apparently all the Prem clubs are really glad they're up because the food there is second to none!
  • To think we were just 1 goal away from going up with them automatically.

    it coulda been us - sighs.

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