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RIP Sir Henry Cooper

Never a World class boxer, but a World class man and a true son of Sarf London.




PS No chance of Bin Laden going to heaven Henry is on the gate.


  • R.I.P. Big man

    True gent


    Charlton fan too!

  • R.I.P. A great human being.
  • RIP.



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    Henry was the hero in South London when I was a small boy growing up in Lewisham. We lived in Limes Grove just off the High Street and my Old Man always used to tell me he'd seem Enry on his training run as he waited for a bus for work in the early morning. I can remember the telly going off and the radio going on for his fights and the shock of him losing to Joe Bugner, (a fiddle to get Bugner a world title fight). The punch that put Clay down is one of the best of all-time.

    The Rocky of South London. 

  • RIP henry
  • RIP 'Enry. A true gent, as others have said.

    Will be 'splashing it all over' in tribute. Very sad he's gone.
  • If he hadn`t cut so easily i think he could have had a good crack at being World Champion.
    RIP Henry.
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