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AV-based 'Who would ya?'

Dear Admin,

Now that the new site is up and running (and very well done, gentlemen), how about combining recent and forthcoming topical events, plus a few old favourites, by hosting a 'Would ya?' built on AV principles?  You know ... pick the top bird to take to a desert island, purely for recreational purposes.

This would help us all to understand the intricacies of the AV system, while keeping a smile on our respective faces.

I suggest that we have five candidates for the first round.  Here are two of the more obvious ... 

1) New Bird on Countdown

2) Kate Middleton


Others please?


JT can probably supply pictures to help 'influence' your vote once the short list is established.

Nominations by midnight tonight, if you please. 





  • Wendy Hurrell
  • Gemma Arterton (Charlton related).
  • edited May 2011
    Pippa Middleton
    Helen Willetts (weather girl)
    Susannah Reid
  • Alex Polizzi
  • victoria coren
  • Victoria Coren? That's not a 'would ya' - 98% of men would
  • Agree with Leroy in that they should be debatable. So after seeing these two on the news - 

    Hillary Clinton (I imagine if you're of the right age, you could do much worse)

    The Queen (Prestige vs looks)

  • Amanda Righetti

  • You must include Kate Winslett!!!

  • Karen Brady
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  • edited May 2011
    Gemma and the two Kates, deffo!!!
  • Do we need to restate the basic premise of Would Yas?
  • Michaela Tabb ( snooker referee).

  • Alex Polizzi
     F*** NO !

    Could give my Ibis room a spruce up for when i return with Michala Tabb though.

  • Kelly Brook


  • Kelly Brook,


    Yep.And she could be 18 months pregnant!!! Still would.

  • Kelly Brook for me ( not up the duff though!)
  • Mortimerician makes a good point.


    I've re-titled this ... 'AV-based 'Who would ya?'

  • I assume the other 2% are hard core gay men Leroy?
  • Kate Middleton

    Pippa Middleton

    Carole Middleton

    Is that really bad?

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  • Right ... we appear to have 15 candidates (I have removed Hillary Clinton and The Queen on the basis that this is now a 'Who would ya?' rather than a 'Would ya?').

    Please cast your vote by placing a '1' against your preferred candidate ... all the way up to 15, if you wish, or any number in between (eg 1 to 7).

    If no candidate receives 50% of the total vote, the second preferences of the least popular choice get distributed among the remainder ... until someone achieves the magical 50%.

    Here are the delightful 15:

    • New Bird on Countdown
    • Kate Middleton
    • Wendy Hurrell
    • Gemma Arterton
    • Pippa Middleton
    • Helen Willetts
    • Susannah Reid
    • Alex Polizzi
    • Victoria Coren
    • Amanda Righetti
    • Kate Winslett
    • Karen Brady
    • Michaela Tabb
    • Kelly Brook
    • Carole Middleton

    The Polling Station remains open until midnight on Friday 6th May.  Results will be announced ahead of our home win against Hartlepool, making it a top day all round.

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