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QPR Points Deduction 

Looks likely. How upsetting would that be for them? 
15 points was rumoured, that would take them out of the automatics. 


  • Rules are the rules - unless you are West Ham, of course....
  • Really hope this happens. Warnock moan off.

  • The West Ham thing was what prompted the tightened rules - something QPR were well aware of...
  • Very ironic that he rules were tightened after the West Ham fiasco then only to come back and bite Neil Warnock on the arse.
  • Still a nonsense that it is only being heard now - when the offence goes back to 2009.  Another thing they should have learnt from the WHU farce.
  • +1 Weegie

    They've also been aware of it since September, so why wait until the end of the season to do it?
  • Sean Derry (think it was him) was a pundit at the Norwich game last night and the way he spoke, I got the impression that QPR have almost accepted that they will be deducted points which will put them in the play offs.
  • Super-rich man's lawyers V. FA paid lawyers?

    I think QPR are pretty safe.

  • The lawyer representing them represented Sheff Utd in the Tevez case. Will be interesting how he will play this now the shoe's on the other foot...
  • I'd feel sorry for the fans but I'd absolutely laugh my tits off at Warnock if they didn't get promotion because of this.
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  • On the old CL this would have been sunk!
  • I reckon they'll get 8 points deducted
  • Would not be surprised for them to be heavily fined an have a 5 point deduction with another 10 suspended. at this stage in the season, anything more could lead to it going on all summer with appeals etc especially if they did go out in the play offs.
  • It will be interesting to see what Warnocks says as he wanted West Ham to get a points deduction. It'll be a shame that the best team in the league may not get the title. Like DRF says I can see a points decision being challenged.

    Hearing the case now does distort the league for this season . They are so far ahead that it may not be much of a punishment .

    Would a fairer sanction be a points deduction for next season ?

  • If deducted enough points to put them into the play offs it would cause chaos. If say then Cardiff were pro ted but QPR won an appeal would Cardiff then be relegated again. Would the play offs have to o start again. Absolute mess. Should have been sorted ages ago. I expect a three point deduction and a 2m fine.
  • Did someone say the same happened at Histon and they got a 3pt deduction?
  • I can't see them taking enough points off of them to NOT go up, but maybe enough that they are not champions.
  •  The real question to be asked is why this has taken so long. 5 points deduction would still see them promoted but 10 pts would see them in the play offs. The other option is that they are allowed to go up then get the points taken off - a sure fire relegation would follow. The great pity is that the fans and the players will be the ones to suffer and after all, they more than deserve to go up, but of course if you KNOWINGLY break the rules and get caught - well after the Tevez fiasco I fear the authorities will be out to make an example.
  • Agree with large it's ridiculous that it has gone on this long and I doubt the FA would deduct QPR enough points to put them in the play off as it has the ability to be overturned on appeal etc etc and make an even more mockery of the whole situation.
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  • i think has taken far too long whole thing just give them suspended sentence fine & big warning! if it was west spam obviously demote them a few tiers ;)
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    Edit : FFS
  • I think they were hoping QPR would win the League by more than 10 points. They would then get a 10 point deduction & still be automatically promoted.
  • So FA have yet again made another balls up. I know it's alot of legal hassle but West Ham case if I remember got put back from December to the end of the season and decided not to act as it "wouldn't be fair on the fans", same will happen here...

    Hope if Vetere is scouting the world for players we don't end up in a similar situation.
  • norwich to be champs then!!!
  • they will be deducted just enough points not to change anything bar where the title could go
  • My Brother in Law supports them. He is really cacking it. He told me a couple of weeks ago that they had screwed up once over TP ownership and been advised by the League on how to complete the paper work and they screwed up a second time.

    I didn't know the stuff about payments to unauthorised agents which I heard about today.

    Frankly I would be astonished if there isn't a large points deduction especially as this came after West Ham's case.

  • Whatever the pros & cons of the case, it is being heard by a panel of "experts", some are FA members, 1 is an ex-player and 1 is a manager and I would hope that is their is a points deduction then the number of points they already have is not even considered, ie, the punishment is made to fit the crime and not to satisfy the circumstances.


    If found guilty I would hope that there is both a points deductions as well as a very heavy fine...............say £10 m plus.

  • Oi Chirpy, shut it you :p 
    I just think its a bit sh*t that they waited til the end of the season punish QPR. If they f*cked up then punish them at the time. Don't wait for them to do well to [email protected] them up. 
  • Calm down sonny.
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