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New Website - You Are Welcome To Join

Hi Everyone,

Next week I will be officially launching my new website which is for business based in
Medway, Kent and surrounding areas. It's a FREE directory and you can add as many
to the listings as you wish.

So, if you want to promote your own company, or anyone you work for, or maybe even
affiliated with then please add your links whenever you wish.

Right now it looks pretty empty cos I've only just finished and am looking to populate
with as many links as quickly as poss, so even if you don't have any yourself
I'd appreciate you passing on the link to a few friends or colleagues etc.

BTW: There is some free software to download and will be adding a gallery to it within
the next few weeks.

For any of you Lifers who wish to add banners to the site then I'll include them for you
FOC for the next two weeks............PM me here or send a message via the contact
link at :-

Any comments would be welcome........




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    Good Luck Rob.
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    Thank you
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    Not got anything on cliques..?
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    We are based in Kent so just added ours under Automotive - brill, thanks muchly
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    Thanks again........

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    Good idea Rob, we will be in touch.
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    Rob if you are on linkedin link to me there are a few groups and names that I could introduce you to, through it
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    Thanks Granpa........

    Kap10 --> Linkedin / I joined this morning and have this profile :-

    Did'nt really have alot of time to have a good look around but will do so tmoz.

    Thank you
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    Rob, my Marketing Director has tried to register and each time it says " wrong user name ". He is using his own choice of user name and his own email address, where are we going wrong please ?
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    Am really sorry.

    There were a few minor faults with the script which were ironed out but still remained within
    the admin section. Anyway, I have now changed the script/appearance and have tested it
    over and over.........

    All should be working OK now.

    The site is not officially going to open until  1st June and there are a few TEST items I have
    only just added.

    Can u please take a look and let me know all is ok with you now???

    Again, sincerest apologies .....


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    That "Fred Bloggs" has alot of Business's in Kent doesn't He ?
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    As mentioned above, the site has changed and you can now include classified ads
    and business links. In total each ad can have four pics and lots of other stuff as well.

    The official opening is going to be 1st June ( before advertising to the masses ) and hopefully
    this will give enough time to populate it with some good ads.

    All banner ads and upgrades for Lifers will be FREE.

    All I would ask for in return is to pass this website address on to some of your friends and
    help get it ''off the ground''.......

    Any probs or comments please let me know. Today Thurs 19 I've just finished doing all the
    important tests but am still working on a few bits before I can finally call it finished.

    In the meantime...........

    Thank you in adv.

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    Yeh........Fred certainly gets around...........
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    Note : gotta go out for abt an hour but should be back before eleven...........
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    I've registered. My business is Bexley IT Limited btw. I have a number of business contacts I can pass this on to. Do you want me to do that now or after 1st June?
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    Hi Saga Lout...

    I see you are registered thanks........obv you will be adding your biz or classifieds soon?

    Yes... you are more than welcome to pass this on to whoever u like right now as
    long as they know it's new and that the admin TEST stuff will be deleted when there's
    a few more entries.

    When you add anything I will upgrade it and if you have any banners, let me know.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Rob, I would, but I am still waiting for an activation email (or something like that - I can't remember the exact on-screen message).
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    Hello Rob

    Is it ok to submit a web based business?
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    Hi Rob, I don't seem to be able to login. It's saying my username and/or password are incorrect.
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    Hi Saga Lout

    I'll check thru admin and see wots going on........ all appears ok to me but I
    know from time to time the gremlins get in....... BTW

    what is your email [ last part ; ie ] as I can easily
    check from that.

    sorry you have probs...really

    Something I don't understand cos I have spent time testing with various made up
    user names etc and hav'nt had probs me'self...........

    Smeg !

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    Hi Benny

    Yes.. thats ok

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    You can add more pics if you wish...........
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    cool mate will do, site is a few days from launch so will probably do it after that
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    I have now disabled the 'email confirmation' script and all users/members
    will now be able to use as soon as registered.

    An email will be sent giving details of your membership including your
    username and password.

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    No problem.
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    How's this going ?
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    I'm just trying to add my business to your wedding section....
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    Hi Miserable.....

    Alls going well but a bit slow.......these types of website are notorious
    slow starters but do tend to pick up after a while........thx 
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    Hi Suzi...

    I've just approved your ad and upgraded.
    Do you have a pic to include??

    Thx for using the site........VERY much appreciated.
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