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Wembley: Greatest moments.....Wonder which game to vote for..........


  • Theyve missed WWF Summerslam 92 off that list.
  • Can't believe Millwall v Scuntthorpe is not there ;0)
  • Of course, I voted for Take That, not!
  • Was there for 4 of those, have voted for the play off final of course!

    Best day of my life
  • It's obvious that Live Aid or 1966 World Cup Final is going to win, but we can least pray for a top 3 finish.
  • Green Day there last year should be on it :(
  • It reminds you of the joy that can be had supporting Charlton. That day meant so much more to us because it was probably a once in a lifetime event. Hopefully not though!
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    Surprised Palace's 1991 Zenith Data Systems Cup victory hasn't made the cut. Suspect Henry Cooper vs Cassius Clay will get a few extra votes considering the timing, certainly worthy of it's place on the list though.

    Don't really understand why any of the last 6 are on there:

    Chelsea vs Man Utd - why not West Ham 3 - 3 Liverpool, Liverpool 3 - 2 Everton, Coventry vs Spurs, well most Cup Finals were better than that one actually

    England 5 - 1 Croatia - preferred 4-1 vs Holland in Euro 96, or 2- 0 vs Scotland

    49ers vs Broncos - Touch Rugby should not be played on that once sacred turf.

  • It was once in a lifetime. I'm 55 and been going to watch the Addicks since I was five. Best day and only real hint of glory in all that time. Not expecting a repeat of that particular day if I'm honest.
  • Don't really think we expected that day but we got it. You never know. I think it needs to be something like an FA cup win to beat it though.
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  • On behalf of all old gits, Blackpool v Bolton 1953, The Matthews final.
  • Looking at the comments from posters - the Freddie Mercury fan club are out in force.  Expect a win for Queen.  
  • Coventry Vs. Spurs is a good shout, but I am pretty sure West Ham 3 3 Liverpool was at Cardiff?

    The Chelsea v United one is dreadful shout, and Spain V England was the worst game of the tournament until the pens. Which themselves are only memorable for not being a failure (and Stuart Pearce).

    Comparing a play-off final to Live Aid is a little nonsensical too! Hand up those of you who remember the 1948 Olympics?

  • You're right about West Ham vs Liverpool, forgot about that. Very good point about the Olympics as well. Could probably list other glaring omissions all day long if I had the time to think about it.
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