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Scottish Managers

Why are Scottish Managers so successful?

We may, come next season, have no less than seven Scottish Managers in the Premier League (Ferguson, Coyle, Lambert, Kean, Dalglish, Moyles & McLeish) and yet there isn't a single current Scottish player that I can think of who would get into the England National Team.



  • Can't think of one player? Well here's one, Allan McGregor who is far above anything English, you wouldn't of heard of him because of the league he plays in.
  • I'm well aware of McGregor but, as you say, he plays in a less competitive League and has had his own issues to deal with. For those reasons I wouldn't have him in front of Hart and even if I did we are talking about just one player.
  • He plays in the champions league each season, which Hart hasn't played in it once, he also played in the side that made the UEFA cup final whereas Hart has only a couple of seasons of experience. He's a better goalkeeper than Hart and will be signed up by a team with more riches soon, obviously we both know about his personality holding him back.

    As for Scottish managers, I think football is more popular up there than down in in percentage terms, look at the crowd they had at Hampden and how they outnumbered us at Wembley. The Scots are also a highly intelligent race, they've invented many great things like the steam engine, telephone, the bicycle, television etc. Perhaps this is transferred in to management?
  • 'The Scots are also a highly intelligent race, they've invented many great things like the steam engine, telephone, the bicycle, television etc. Perhaps this is transferred in to management?'


    Don't forget IRN BRU

  • Irn Bru doesn't even have to be mentioned, their greatest export!
  • "We may, come next season, have no less than seven Scottish Managers in the Premier League (Ferguson, Coyle, Lambert, Kean, Dalglish, Moyles & McLeish)"

    I thought he was crap as a DJ, i'm not sure what he'll offer as a Football Manager!!!!

  • You forgot FAT crap DJ!!

  • What are mcgregors problems ?? Apart from only having 6 league games a season where he might be busy or however many times he plays the other side in scotland
  • Not only now, but in the past too.

    Graham, Stein, Shankly, Busby, McNeil.......and err Strachan! Ok the exception that proves the rule.

    Also most of the real succesful ones come from the Glasgow area.

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  • There are a couple of Scots players who would get near the England side.

    A fully fit Craig Gordon could challenge Hart whilst Charlie Adam imho would be in the squad at least same with Alan Hutton.

    Hard to expain why managers have been so successful though.

  • McGreggor has kept Gordon on the bench at national level in recent games, due to currently being the best British goalkeeper.

    It's not hard to explain, it's because they're more interested in football than us. Glasgow has 3 big stadiums and the attendances at Hampden back in the day made Wembley look like a sports day. They also take more fans away than us.
  • Calling McGregor the best goalkeeper in Britain is a big statement.

    Let's face facts, if he was that good then he would not be playing in the SPL he would be in the Premier League earning some serious dough.

    If he gets a move in the summer to a decent Premier League club and plays regularly in a higher standard of football then you'll be able to make a much better judgement on how good he is.

    Keeping out Drogba, Rooney, Van Persie et al is a bit different to keeping out Akpo Sodje and Giorgios Samaras!

  • What part of playing in the champions league & UEFA cup final do you not understand?

    You can't comment on a player you don't watch.
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    djimi traore won a champions league medal ......


    mcgregor looks half decent but keeping out gordon isn't anything to write home about he hasn't been first choice for part of this season at sunderland(he's been on the bench their last 8 games)

    in all honesty to be considered a top keeper you have to play at the highest level regularly and that will only happen if he moves away from that two team league

  • When was the EPL last won by someone outside Chelsea/Man U?  And the Spanish league is probably more 2 team that any other, but it's definitely good.

    I think with the McGregor/Gordon discussion you have to look at the competition.  I'd have thought that they would both be above Green or James (the England 1st and 2nd choice in the world cup) and are more experienced than Hart or Foster who are probably at a similar level.

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    Right now I’d definitely say McGregor is the best British keeper, Joe Hart has great potential, but he certainly hasn’t reached McGregor’s ability - yet. I’m not sure how just playing in the Premier League automatically makes him a better keeper, are you suggesting that Gilkes at Blackpool is a better ‘keeper than McGregor because he plays from a Premier League team ?
    Surely the fact that McGregor has excelled at club level (where he has little to do, which in itself is very difficult for a goal keeper when you’re only called on two or three times a game) and international level (where he clearly has more to do as Scotland are not as strong as their opponents relative to their opposition).
    It is an interesting comparison between Gordon and McGregor. A few seasons ago, before all his injuries, Gordon was fantastic. At that time he was certainly better than McGregor. But since then injuries have consistently eroded his ability and McGregor seems to have sorted himself out attitude wise which has improved his game immensely. I think McGregor will move to England at some point, but but no means does he “have” to do it to prove his ability.
    BTW, calling the SPL a two team league (whilst correct) is pretty ignorant. There are half the teams in the SPL, but would you say the Prem is more than twice as competitive ?  Who in Spain has a chance of winning the league other than Madrid and Barca ? Have you seen the Italian League table ?
  • @ Friend or Defoe

    Thanks for the civilised response, its about what I expected from you.

    If McGregor is so good then why is he playing Jockball for peanuts rather than playing with the big boys in England for real money? Er, could it be because he is not actually good enough for proper football?

    We all know you're a Rangers fan but please try and keep it in proper perspective, the only people playing Jockball are those who aren't good enough to play in England - otherwise they'd be down there earning real money and playing against world-class players every week rather than Caledonian Thistle or whatever the hell they're called.

    By the way, just because he's played in the Champions League - nowhere near the business end of course - and UEFA Cup does not make him the best keeper in Britain, that's the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen, even from someone like you.

    If he was that good he'd be down south - he's not, so draw your own conclusions from that and take your blue-tinged glasses off.


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    McGregor to be fair has a lot more to do than one would think.

    Rangers have a very poor squad, have had a lot of injuries and depend on Davie Weir to hold everything together. At present, Rangers would be a lower mid table team in the PL or worse.

    I am not sure he's better than Hart but if we put Hart aside because I think he is a sensational keeper then I would probably take McGregor next over any other British goalkeeper. Are any of these really better than AM... Green? Robinson? Foster? Lewis? Forster? James? Gordon? Carson? Loach?

    The reasons why he hasn't got a PL move yet?

    I'd say his personal life ranks fairly highly and added to that who of the larger, more successful English clubs actually needs a goalkeeper?

    Well it's patently obvious Arsenal do but Wenger has not come to terms with it. Man Utd do but they are looking abroad. Chelsea have Cech. Liverpool have Reina. City have Hart. Spurs have Gomes who 'Arry seems to want to be loyal to. Villa have Friedel who may be being replaced either this summer or next.
  • @ Ormiston Addick

    "We all know you're a Rangers fan but please try and keep it in proper perspective, the only people playing Jockball are those who aren't good enough to play in England"

    I think some people's anti-Scottish football bias extends just as far if not further than some people's liking or affinity for Scottish football.

    Are you telling me that Steven Davis could not do a job in England (he has turned down move after move back to play for the club he supports). How about Bougherra who has grown immeasurably since he was with us? Izaguirre? Brown? Ledley? McGregor? Forster? Kayal? Eremenko?

    The list goes on. All of those have been linked or scouted by PL clubs and I would expect one or two will move south of the border or to other UEFA competition competing clubs in the summer.
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  • Ormiston Addick

    Yes you're right, just like the commentators before the England V Germany game, none of the Germans would get in to the English team. I mean if Mesut Özil was any good he  would be playing in the EPL (sic) and not for Werder Bremen who never get to the business end in the champions league and made the UEFA Cup final in 2009.

    You really should watch him play before passing judgement, and make up your own mind instead of believing what the media tells you. There's talent outside of the premiership and England are hardly bless in the goalkeeper department. As for being biased, I think most people who have seen him this season will agree with me.
  • I
    think some people's anti-Scottish football bias extends just as far if
    not further than some people's liking or affinity for Scottish football.

    Spot on.
  • scottish football is in general shit make no mistake about it

    their national team is shit

    our premiership is a lot better than theirs

    and our national team is a lot better than ours

    we have more players to chose from and richers clubs hence the above situations arise

    the celtic v rangers game is something to behold and i'll always watch that game cos it's special because of the atmosphere and committment of both sides but as for the rest of the leagu and yes i have watched a few games albeit on telly it is junk

  • and at this moment in time i get enough junk from charlton tyvm
  • You can't knock any of that oohahh but none of it precludes the fact that there are players, albeit in the vast minority, that would probably get into 15 or 16 of PL clubs' starting XI if they were offered to them tomorrow.
  • i agree isawleaburnscore , and mcgregor would be one of them , is it just cos he done two fingers that people are steering clear of him or has he got other problems
  • Unfortunately given his talent, his personal problems are as long as your arm.  The whole V-sign gate affair is the single biggest black spot but he's had his fair share of drink-related incidents though in fairness to him some of them have occurred where he has got done over and then effectively got the blame for being in that situation. However sad it is, you would think that someone who has a stigma attached to him and has got a kicking in the past would just be sensible enough to call it a day in terms of public appearances when not in numbers with teammates or on an official occasion.

    Interestingly I think personal lives (and the reporting of them) are a critical contributing factor behind the influx and continual reliance on foreign players in our game. It is a lot less often that you see Johnny Foreigner plasted across the papers here and abroad for infidelity, criminal activity or boozing. Doesn't mean it happens any less but it sure leaves a stronger impression when it does.
  • ta isaw

    on a side note my barbers mate is the father of gary hooper and he has to be indoors on a saturday after the match by 10pm and when it's the old firm they're not allowed out !!

  • I'm not surprised, it's probably the most sensible thing!

    Hooper has been a fantastic success up there. At times this season he can't have been far away from an England call-up given that at varying times practically every single England forward has been injured and/or in woeful form at some point or another.

    West Essex boy made good. Well not as good as if he'd gone to the West Side, but good for him all the same!
  • yeah i think he's hoping for another year up at celtic before a move to the prem

    he's been in the u-21 squads (not  sure if he's played)

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