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Wootten Bassett

Great programme tonight.
I do hope Tony and the 'honorable' members of the Cabinet who didnt resign over the illegal war were watching.


  • Thats real respect, not some stupid yoot saying but real respect.
  • Fantastic programme.


    It really showed that the British can be a proud nation without flag waving and fist pumping.


  • I'd like to think that Prince William, as a serviceman, ensured that Blair didn't get invited to his wedding because of the war. Only caught a couple of minutes of the programme but as said it really does make you proud to be British and I for one am in awe of our serviceman and women.
  • A wonderful example of Britain at it's best. Very reminiscent of World War 2, if only we had maintained that standard of behaviour instead of allowing ourselves to slip into the yob culture and todays nanny State.
  • Makes you so very proud to be British
  • What channel was it on ? I'll try and catch it on their I-Player
  • BBC 1 @ 9 last night brilliant programme very moving
  • Cheers, will try and have a look tonight
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