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Player of the Year Quiz (a break from the Tuesday Cryptic Quiz)

Ten questions about the Player of the Year award which started in goes...

1. Who is the only player other than Jose Semedo who was born outside of the British Isles?
2. Who interrupted Nicky Johns' run of wins between 1981 and 1984?
3. Who was the last player to retain the title?
4. Name the three Johns (excluding Nicky Johns) to win the award?
5. Who was the last player to win it for the second time?
6. Who had a gap of 5 years between wins?
7. Who had a gap of 6 years between wins?
8. How many times did Derek Hales win it?
9. Name the two Scotsmen to have won it
10. Tie breaker - who was the worst player to win it!


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