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A thankyou and a question

Firstly, thankyou to all Australians who gave me information on Sydney. Very much appreciated and have taken notes (thankyou
particularly to the person who sent the I going at the wrong time (winter in Sydney?)

On a more football related and serious note, I saw the other post on the Hearts "supporter" who "attacked" Neil Lennon. Totally
disgraceful,I don't care what anyone says. But it got me thinking "who is this Neil Lennon?" That is not the first thing I have heard
about him people not liking him. I understand he is Celtic Manager, Celtic probably have a lot of Scottish teams and fans jealous,
but is it as simple as that? I can't recall anyone trying to beat up Gordon Strachan when he was there? What has Neil Lennon done
to provoke such an outrage?


  • He's from Northern Ireland and played for them.  The Northern Ireland football team is essentially a protestant institution as far as I'm aware.  I've heard that some catholic fans even call each other by different names so as not to draw attention to themselves at games.  Then he signed for Celtic, who are generally hated by NI protestants, then he became manager. So I suppose it's all about 'treason'.

    Apologies if anyone disagrees with this, but it's my understanding of the situation.

  • I thought he was great in The Beatles.

  • Dont go there!

    And I dont mean Sydney ; )

    We went in August (their winter), most of the time we just wore a lightweight jacket or shirtsleeves until we went whalewatching it was bloody freezing.

    Have a great time.

  • Also been sent parcel bombs!
  • Am I the only one who thinks that T.C.E.'s avatar looks like a woman with a very hairy bush squatting in a field?  (Perhaps I hould have gone to Specsavers)
  • I have no time for Scottish football and their fans are morons. Baffles me why decent footballers and managers continue to want to work there
  • The weather can be great in winter but it can also rain for weeks on end.  Same as anywhere I guess.  Today is a beautiful sunny day but cold at nights perfect really.  Enjoy your time and pack for an English Spring.
  • in the SPL (scottish pub league?) right now Inverness Callie are currently 7th on 53 points one place bellow 6th place Motherwell who are on 46 points , go figure
  • Didn't Lennon also get threats from catholics who deemed him a traitor for playing for Northern Ireland?
  • Apparently Lennon made a few pro-IRA statements in his youth and people from that troubled land have not forgiven him for that since... 
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  • @buckshee How the hell does that work?!

  • 'Apparently Lennon made a few pro-IRA statements'. Seriously? Wonder how he'd get on with Andy Goram?

  • @hawksmoor....he gets on like a house on fire with one of the Andy Gorams but the other one hates him.

  • @RedArmySE7 In an act of epic gayness they split the league in 2 after they played each other 3 times. I think they plan to scrap it.

    Sydney is good but I like many others prefer Melbourne. It's worth visiting the place if you can.
  • @RodneyCharltonTrotta. Very good, mate, very good.
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