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Cardiff fans

People moan about our fans but I couldn't believe it when the Cardiff fans booed their team at half time in a Play-Off semi-final 2nd leg. They then proceeded to just sit their glumly throughout the 2nd half. In the last 10 minutes some started to leave and others thought it appropriate to throw stuff at the Reading players.

It is interesting to compare this with the Forest fans who, in the same position, got behind their team at 2-0 down and were almost rewarded with a fine come-back.

Regarding ourselves: we may moan and be a bit too quiet at times, but in big matches like these I do think that we have very good support.


  • Scummy place, scummy fans.
  • Plus its an extra £5 ish on the cost of the trip when you cross the Severn Bridge to get to the ground unless you go by coach.
  • I bet the fa are pleased not to have the cardiff scum smashing up their lovely stadium!!
  • Leave it out...we have 'fans' who booed Curbishley. Pot kettle black. Expectations rise - Cardiff fans have been to a play off final and an fa cup final in last two seasons - and have fallen at the final hurdle. That's ensured new fans who are the ones who kicked up tonight. Sound familiar?
  • Regarding us being too quiet, I'm sure that is down to the rubbish football we have had to watch. Until CP arrived it was all ' hoof it up the middle and hope '. It also makes a difference when the Ground is half empty. As for booing Curbs, if you put 20,000 plus supporters into any Stadium you will have a few idiots in there, not a good comparison in my opinion. How many teams would be able to do a lap of honour after the season we've had after a final 0-0 draw with Hartlepool ? 
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    They were 3-2 down to Blackpool in the 2010 Championship Play-Off final at half time and throughout the entire 2nd half they were silent. Blackpool totally outsung them at all stages of the game. Cardiff fans offered no vocal lift to their team whatsoever so last night's no show doesn't surprise me in the least. I hope Reading beat Swansea in the final too as I remember a few unsavory incidents in their last visit to us.
  • Even though people berate our fans, we aren't that bad at all (compared to some, if not most lower league clubs) and in a game as big as the play off semi's out overall noise and backing of the team last year was not bad in the slightest.

  • I think they were booing the ref...
  • The same fans that just won them the family club of the year award! Unbelievable. Bunch of hooligans.
  • The Met must be chuffed that they dont have to deal with Swansea v Cardiff at Wembley. That would have been a nightmare for them.
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    Tutt-Tutt said: The Met must be chuffed that they dont have to deal with Swansea v Cardiff at Wembley. That would have been a nightmare for them.
    Can you imagine it?

    Blackadder : Have you ever been to Wales Baldrick?
    Baldrick : No, but I've often thought I'd like to.
    Blackadder : Well don't, it's a ghastly place. Huge gangs of tough sinewy men roam the valleys terrorising people with their close-harmony singing. You need half a pint of phlegm in your throat just to pronounce the placenames. Never ask for directions in Wales Baldrick, you'll be washing spit out of your hair for a fortnight.
  • brilliant stuff bing
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