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Torquay and a Question

Noted that Torquay, as at time of my knowledge, were in the mix to be promoted to League One.
I very much hope they do!!! My reasoning sounds weird but when I think of Torquay, I think of "Lofty
Flowers"....err sorry "Fawlty Towers" ie the episode with the arrogant hearing impaired old lady. Funniest
thing I had ever seen and I'd love to go to Torquay and see what views I could see.

This all brings me to my question. What is the funniest British show you have seen? Mine would have to be
"Fawlty Towers", followed closely by "The Benny Hill Show" but there are a few I have not seen that were
popular ie Eastenders. What does everyone think?


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    Would be a great away day, much better than Stevenage.

    Every episode of FT was a classic so wouldn't disagree. Blackadder was another one that had me in bits.

    Worst-Last of the Summer Wine-aaarrggghhh

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    Yep, I'm all for Torquay to be promoted and a day out at the seaside.

    Since Plymouth Argyle managed to self-destruct and get themselves relegated .......Torquay would be my nearest ground to watch Charlton play!

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    Id be up for an away weekend and would turn it into a hol if proper timing - fixtures be kind.  After spending 10 days down the South West coast recently im up for more of those visits!
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    I love Torquay and its surrounding areas as i used to go there as a kid every year on holiday, have always followed their results, i dont recall in my time us ever playing them?

    So a holiday down there for an away game would be great, hopefully early on in the season, but knowing my luck it will be a Tuesday night in February!!

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    Agree, Davy .....early/late in the season would be ideal.
    Not too many sunny Tuesday nights in February, down here in the South West.
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