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Glenn Murray to Palace ?

So where are Palace getting the money from, if they can pay higher wages than Brighton ?

Crystal Palace look like winning the race to sign out-of-contract Brighton & Hove Albion striker Glenn Murray.

The Seagulls have offered their top scorer a new deal after his 22 goals helped fire them to the League One title.

But Palace and Millwallimage are also interested in Murray and Brighton boss Gus Poyet fears his side are being priced out of the battle to win his signature with the Eagles in pole position.

"We are getting close to a final decision," Poyet told the Argus.

"They are offering plenty of money and we cannot compete with that, so it's difficult



  • imagine the reception murray will get if he turns to there hated rivals,does not bear thinking about........
  • Unlikely.

    True story from Football Rumours:-

    19 May 2011 17:55:45
    Glen Murray has decided to sign the contract Brighton offered him after all. He was all set to sign for Palace until he got a guided tour round Sainbury's Park and he thought that it was even worse than the Withdean.

  • They won't be playing at the Withdean next season!
  • I knew that but imagine if you had called the Withdean home you would want to move to a stadium like Falmer rather than a hole like no Sellout Park
  • He'd be mad to go to Palace, more money or not. Brighton are already better than Palace, and will surely finish above them next season if they can keep Poyet.
  • @dabos do you think he cares about that? It's all about money for footballers. He won't care if he signs for Palace and they go down and Brighton finish mid table. What's he missed out on? Nothing - and he has a healthier bank balance for it.
  • I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we. I didn't say he does care whether Palace/Brighton are better, but I still maintain it would be a bad move for him.
  • @dabos I agree, on pure footballing terms it would be a bad move for him as Brighton are club that are growing together whereas Palace have been in decline for years now and it is only a matter of time before they drop out of The Championship...we hope!
  • I didn't rate him when he was head of the TUC all those years ago. Can't be very fit because he collapsed at a Tolpuddle martyrs rally.
  • Says in thDaily Mail he has completed free transfer to Crystal Palarse
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  • To be replaced by Will Hoskins for 500k.
  • @LargeAddick

    a shame really, I thought Hoskins would have been a bit of a coup last summer and as for passing on Graham, well that looks inspired with a £2.5m bid in for him this afternoon...
  • Was Graham really available last summer? Has scored goals at Watford for the last two seasons. Why would they let him go after his first season with them in which he did well?
  • I believe it was summer 2009 when we passed on him.
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    That would make more sense. Had a quick look at Watford paid £200k which could have (has?) risen to £550k. That summer we spent nothing on fees.
  • Hoskins was on a free last summer though.
  • Yeah I remember, I said at the time I thought he'd score goals in this league (since he had before, which was why Watford signed him). Did we offer him a deal or was there no interest at all?
  • @Scoham

    I doubt we offered him anything to be honest. Unless we offered him a bag of peanuts I can't see why he'd have chosen Rovers over us.
  • @dabos I agree, on pure footballing terms it would be a bad move for him as Brighton are club that are growing together whereas Palace have been in decline for years now and it is only a matter of time before they drop out of The Championship...we hope!
    Palace are finally starting a season with a settled management team, and a strong board.

    I'm not expecting us to finish the season in the top two, but after attending the fans forum tonight, I'm optimistic that the club is in good hands. I don't know if Murray will sign, but we are certainly in the mix for him, and i would imagine because of his desire to carry on living in Brighton, the ease of travelling makes us seem a good choice.

    Also it was my first experience of listening to Lennie Lawrence tonight, and I must admit I was very impressed. He seems very knowledgeable, and I would imagine he'd have a great rapport  with the players.
  • I didn't think I could have got any more depressed and disappointed with football.

    Then I just read a Palace fan saying that their club is in good hands and that things are finally looking up on and off the pitch. To top it all they have the legend that is Lenny soothing their ears.

    Ah well, we really have gone the full circle now! Good luck next season Budgie maybe we'll meet again soon and hopefully when it happens it won't be down here!
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  • See where you're coming from @budgie, but Palace are still several players away from being a decent Championship side. If you can keep Clyne and Danns things might be different, but without them I think you'll struggle again next year.

    Murray would be a great signing for you. I believe we were linked with him while Pardew was in charge, but he thought it would be a much better idea to spend money on Fleetwood, McLeod and Varney instead. Thanks, Al.
  • I think Danns is gone, but the word about Clyne is, although he only has a year left on his contract, because of his age, we will still be due a fee.

    However at the forum, Parish and Freedman were both honest enough to say that any player is available to be sold, if the price were right for the club. Whilst it's not the thing that fans want to hear, at least they're being upfront about it, and that the motives behind it are good for the club, there reasoning been if the money generated can improve the team.

    There will definately be players coming in this year, but there may also be departures, and I wouldn't be shocked if Ambrose were one of them. It could be an interesting summer, but it's definately a season I'm looking forward to, with some great fixtures, I just hope for decent results against Brighton, Millwall, West Ham, and even Southampton.
  • Of course we didn't want Hoskins last season - Parky had hie eyes set on one striker  and one striker only.............Benson !!!
  • why are we talking about palace transfer targets folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cos we haven't got any!
  • lol
  • What a fucking idiot this season look at Norwich promotion Leeds miss missed out on playoff spot .

    And he wants to join Palace and not Brighton


    I am going next season Brighton to get a playoff spot putting some money on it , And Palace will just fight relegation at best , and if lucky mid table

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    One thing is for sure that Championship is a sensational division next season, just a shame we are part of this boring rabble.

    West Ham / Palace / Millwall / Brighton / Watford / Portsmouth / Southampton - some great derbies and local trips in there
    Leeds / Nottingham Forest - huge clubs
    Leicester / Burnley - will be big spenders
    Cardiff - always there or thereabouts
    Middlesbrough - finished well and will be fancied again next season

    plus the two to come down from the Prem today and the losing play-off finalists (both Reading and Swansea play some great football)

  • Blackpool will struggle next season unless they replace Adam with a real quality player.

    Incidentally, I think Adam would be perfect for Man United, replacing Scholes and Carrick.
  • derail thread sam lol

    I wish we were in championship :( footballs depressing of late

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