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Thought I would bring this u, anyone who is a fan of the Fifa or Football Manager series should take a look, in my opinion this really is the future of football gaming.

Really clever piece of gaming and even better its free, there are elements that they are constantly working on but have a look and see what you make of it!


  • I've been playing this quite a lot, its absolutely brilliant concept but I found I got very bored of it, especially the rest period after games which takes 3 hours! It got a little tedious for me, but no doubting its a brilliant idea!

  • No, I am Plaaayer.
  • played for like an hour, total crap, real waste of time.
  • Shocking , real awful, Thanks amjcafc for wasting half hour of my life ;)
  • Thought this was a thread by an unusually illiterate member of the team spilling the beans.  Tch!
  • I got stuck at the prepare for match bit.  What are you supposed to do then?

    And when do you get to smash the Wag's back doors in?
  • And when do you get to smash the Wag's back doors in?
    There's a 'cheat' for that.

    In the game menu go: Skip match -> Excuses -> Stomach Upset. Then click proceed to hotel restaurant and when the waiter asks for your order decline the chicken and pasta and have the roast. You'll be taken to bedroom seen with Daniel Lloyd and Marcus Bent. Be sure to click super injunction, otherwise it's career over.
  • Absolute, utter dogshit. Truly, the internet is written by Nathan Barley.
  • Waiting 10 hours for the next part of the game is uter crap.
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