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League 2 Play Off Final Tickets

This is the first time I have posted but I have been enjoying the site for a long time.

I have four VIP Hospitality Tickets (meal included) and car park pass for the League Two Play Off Final on Saturday, which I won courtesy of Talk Sport. I also won League One tickets which I am using with a heavy heart thinking of what might have been.

Does anybody know any Stevenage or Torquay fans who deserve a treat, or have any suggestions as to how I can get them to someone who would really appreciate them?




  • Hi Bowie, I live down in Devon and I have a few Torquay supporting friends close by who would love to get their hands on these types of tickets, so if they were to still be available I could take them off your hands.


  • No problem, I would just like them to go to a real fan rather than someone looking ta make some money out of them.

    I don't know how this works but if you can get your address to me I will put them in the post.

    Hope they enjoy it, tell them to behave as I don't want to turn up on Sunday and find they have cancelled my tickets :)


  • great gesture bowie , fairplay and enjoy the what might have been final
  • Thanks for that Bowie, I think I have sent you a message with my address, but if you've not got message let me know. Cheers
  • Got address I will get them in the post today, hope they have a great time!!
  • Really kind turn. Good on ya Bowie.
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    Top Lady : ) ; )
  • well done mate ... excellent
  • Top Lady actually!!
  • Hi Tavistock,

    Tickets are in the post!!

    I don't want anything for the tickets myself. However my daughter and I are doing the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research, in memory of my father-in-law.

    I would really appreciate it if your friends could make a contribution, the link to my Just Giving page is below

    I hope they have a fantastic day and the result goes for them and at the same time I can be doing something for a great cause.

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  • I will pass that on to them. This is also a charity close to my heart as my dad passed away 5 years ago as a result of cancer.
    Again thanks very much and for their sake lets hope the Gulls win.

  • Bowie, that's very generous, giving away tickets that clash with the Champions League Final Man U v Barcelona   :-)

  • Bowie, that's very generous, giving away tickets that clash with the Champions League Final Man U v Barcelona   :-)


    Except Man Utd v Barca kicks off at 8pm
  • My apologies. My paper showed them both as a 19.45 KO.

    Just checked and Torquay is 15.00 & Man U 19.45.

  • Went to Old Trafford yesterday for League 1 play off final with a heavy heart wishing it could have been us, hospitality package was fantastic lovely meal and great tickets.

    Hope that Tavistocks friends had an equally good experience on Saturday even thouigh they didn't get the result they wanted.


  • What an absolutely fantastic gesture - well played BowieAddick!

    Let's hope these Gulls fans aren't too disappointed with the result to cough up some sponsorship dough for you, which I note that they haven't yet!
  • I have found that in life you live and learn.

    This week I have learnt that Charlton fans are generous and Torquay fans are not :(

    No reflection on Tavistock at all, he just passed the message on and I am sure felt some contribution would be made.


  • Unbelievable BowieAddick. As people will probably know, there's nothing I hate mre than people not paying up what's due to charities. The lowest of the low.

    As you say, no direct reflection on Tavistock, but how can people just take something for free like that?

  • Id be severely disappointed if i had been that generous. 

  • Id be severely disappointed if i had been that generous. 

    That's not likely though, eh?
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  • lol. 

    But true...

  • Unbelievable that. Very disappointing.
  • Some people have no shame.
  • Not nice but they might have just not got round to it.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone
  • People are all c***s till proven otherwise
  • People are all c***s till proven otherwise
    No, I've looked and looked but can't find that one in my Oxford Book of Quotations.
  • People are all c***s till proven otherwise
    Amen to that, my sentiments exactly. Normally proven to be right as well.

  • 4 x match tickets  -  £224.00

    1 x car park pass  -  £20.00

    4 x match programme  -  £24.00

    Hospitality   -   approx £200.00

    Henry "they might just have not got round to it"    -   Priceless


    They still haven't  -  note to self, next time just stick them on ebay


  • Shocking.
  • People like that are the lowest of the low.
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