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Curb Your Enthusiasm



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    I still remember the Series 1 'Trouser Tent' in the cinema episode, the refusal to take shoes off in the house, the haloween trick or treat episode, jeez genius television.
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    Larry, you've got a racist dog!
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    It's still brilliant, and so many relatable things - crossing roads to not have stop and chats, the distance from someone you should wait to hold a door, Uber ratings. Some of it eg the car pool lane episode is borderline genius. 

    We named our guinea pigs Larry and Leon (he was black and badly behaved). Leon sadly passed so we're debating whether the new one we get will have another Curb name or Jerry for Seinfeld. 
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    Episode 7 with Vince Vaughn was a classic. 

    Love, Love, Love this show! 
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