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Denmark Bans Marmite!

An absolute disgrace!!


  • Well done Denmark, i hate marmite, Harryamuse would have to move
  • ban Lego and bacon!
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    Maybe Denmark should look at stopping their farmers horrific treatment of pigs.



  • Report says they've also banned Ovaltine and some breakfast cereals.

    How about letting people make their own minds up about whether they want to consume scary additives.


    Personally, I quite like it. 


  • I think Marmite should be banned world wide.  Disgusting stuff.
  • I disagree with marmite, but I will defend to the death your right to eat it.
  • My wife and son love it and I can't stand the stuff. Good on the Danes I say - vile stuff.
  • While they're about it, could they ban Bovril too?
  • I'd ban Cheese, anyone eating mouldy milk needs their head checking. Evil filth.
  • I never eat cheese - got too many Es in it. And it's not true what they say about Marmite - I think it's ok.
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  • I assume the far superior Vegimite is still availbable.
  • Banning marmite is one of those decisions you either like or dislike.
  • While they're about it, could they ban Bovril too?
    Thanks - I was trying to think of Bovril - typed "not Marmite" into google and it got me nowhere!
  • Bloody turds
  • Bloody turds
    You'd like them banned?
  • Bloody turds
    Sounds painful. You suffering with your farmers or something?
  • My late dad had 'em. One year we went on a Cosmos coach tour and he had a special ring to sit on.
  • I couldn't do without my Marmite and toast for breakfast!
  • Rumour has it there is already a black market in the black stuff.
    Copenhagen will soon have 'mite ghettoes full of MM pushers and users.
    Mark my words.
  • I assume the far superior Vegimite is still availbable.
    Apparently no from what I have read. Which is odd to say the least when you consider that Australians
    consider it a godsend and the Danish queen in waiting is Australian. By the way, do they sell "Mighty Mite"
    in England. Best stuff, no question. which again is odd as it is gluten free Vegemite.
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