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using two laptops to access the same information in a USB 2 HDD External Box.

Dear fellow Lifers .

I want to link two laptops (one for me and one for my PA) to access and work on the files for my business. I have a separate USB2 HDD External box that seems to have a coupling usb lead which I can put all my client files etc on.

Could we connect one to each of our laptops and then access the files in te external box? If so do we need a special USB cable as it doesn't work at present, or, is there another simple way just to use two laptops to share and work of information?

Many thanks in advance

(Stanmore)    a complete computer luddite :-)





  • Not sure if that will work. What you need is a NAS (Network Addressable Storage).
  • coupling lead lol, its probably a powered and non powered usb connection lead,


    you can share the drive from one machine so the other can view it, but you will need to be networked - if  you are using a wireless router/hub, or wired one, that shouldn't be too difficult (you just need to share it in XP, then browse network neighbourhood) for windows vista/7 it's a little more complicated but you will need to set up a home network.

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    OK, OK if you wanted to show off that you have a PA why not just say so?

    : - )
  • ok missed that you use two laptops, you can as Saga says buy standalone drives that are networkable, you could probably plug it into your router if you have the right sort, but you should then consider backups..

    why not just use google docs instead? 'cloud' (internet) based storage accessible from anywhere?

  • OK, OK if you wanted to show off that you have a PA why not just say so?

    : - )
    My band has got a PA - does that count?
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