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Fifa cheats

Looks like the card tower is crumbling Jack Warners right hand man is spilling the beans, demanding further investigation.


Brave or stoopid i dont know but i really hope that smug bstd Seb blater is feeling twitchy, how the hell can there be a vote on the presidential space with over a 3rd of voters being investigated


  • So will there be another vote if they are all found guilty? 
  • Looks like the card tower is crumbling Jack Warners right hand man is spilling the beans

    What the hell are you watching NLA? ;-)
  • The kidders are attempting to kid the other kidders it really couldn't get any more desperate.

    Oh and FIFA are conducting their own enquiry, that's reassuring!
  • Funny how as soon as Blater's leadership is challenged the bloke challenging him is getting done for taking bribes FIFA has been wrong for years the whole lot of them are wrong
  • I reckon within 6 months we will have a new board in there, will be like the Olympic Commitee all over again


    that Jack warner must be fuming tonigjht

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    that Jack Warner must be fuming tonight

    Probably more because someone got the knife out and stabbed him before he had the chance to do them... it's honestly like a mafia, they are immune. It's appalling.
  • So, a bunch of corrupt bastards are investigating allegations against the same bunch of corrupt bastards. It's the House of Commons expenses scandal all over again!
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  • I heard a US expert on the Concaf region saying that Warner's part in the world cup voting wouldn't even get into his top 20 scandals.  Here's the problem, nobody gave a crap for years here.  Now he's involved in a vote where England feel hard done to (having finished last) and suddenly we're whipping out the sword of truth?  Sorry, but right thinking FAs round the world should have been dealing with the likes of Warner more than a decade ago.  What's needed is limited terms for Association heads and more transparent voting. 
  •  Now that they are arguing amongest themselves it will all unravel. Every man for himself.

      The failure of the US bid, has probably led to political pressure from within the US on their representative to come clean, especially as he was seen as one of Warners CONCACAF cartel. The evidence has come from the US and not from the British media or a lame duck like Triesmann, and is apparently covered by international law. Lets see who blinks first and whether FIFA's lawyers are flushed out to act on proper evidence. They must be crapping themselves, because if it all kicks off, the whole lot could be exposed for bribery and corruption.

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