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80's football manager

Just downloaded championship manager 80's legends on my iPad, available for touch and pod and I phone, bloody awesome. You can either start 1980 1983 or 1986. Full charlton squad and every league club has the squad from the year you start at. Started in 1980 the year I was born, killer is valued at 120k and club finances are described as unstable, and ground in need of improvement. You can down load it from the app store, 1.70 well spent.


  • Just signed a 20 year old Alan brazil for 200k.. Bet the land lord of the oak will be pleased!
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    Why, does he play it too Adam?
  • Tried searching on apps store but can't find it
  • Search for cm 80's legends dick mate.

    Nolly, mate brazil likes the odd pint or 30! If he was a charlton player in the 80's our local boozers would have made a mint!

    Just signed George best from hibs he's 34 so if I can keep him sober might get a year or two out of him, division 3 in 1980 is pretty grim, makes our league one look like the premiere league.
  • adam - did you have issues with it crashing ?
  • The game worked fine for me for the first season and a bit. Stormed div 3 in 80/81 with Hales scoring 50 goals and Walsh 31. Even Steve Gritt chipped in with a dozen or so goals, all from free kicks.... ust like it used to be, right? Then I started the 81/2 season and suddenly I see a 16 year old Paul Elliott in my squad (and very good too). So I start my Division 2 season and lead the table after 6/7 games but now the game just crashes as soon as I load it. Ah, well - it kept me amused on my sun lounger on holiday for a few days.
  • Not on bloody android yet

  • downloaded the 70's version last night, great times signed a 30 year old george best and 34 year old bobby moore from fulham.. can chhose either 1970 1973 or 1976 to start again with full squads with the real players from the time, 2 of the 3 were in div 2 the other were in div 3
  • Is this Championship Manager with players from the 80's or is this the Commodore 64 (and others) Kevin Thoms Football Manager version???
  • championship manager current engine just with 70s and 80s data
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  • keeps crashing

    have the best team ever and am a day away from signing Diego Maradona but game crashed when I try to continue

    Boooo !!!!

    Oh sorry that was for another thread

    there you go sniffy you can download the original
  • shame, would love to have a game on the good old Kevin Thoms Football Manager version. Anyone else remember it?
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    yep I remember it Sniffy

  • can you get it on PC?
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    Yes it was written entirely in basic (not machine code) and had Kevin Thomms' face on the cassette. I remember spending quite a long time playing it and one of my players was Steve McCall but would probably be disapointed if I played it now. I have my old speccy and games somewhere in the attic but can't get inspired to dig it up and dust it off.

    You also learned the moves in the basic animation pretty quickly (as there wernet that many) so would know at the start whether it was going to be a goal or a miss. Now, Knight Lore or Head over Heals - that's a different matter - I fancy a game of one of them right now
  • Don't do it Muttley. It will only taint the memory with disappointment.
  • Dailey Thompson's decathlon  - most joysticks couldn't cope, Jet Set Willy - bug meant it was impossible to finish but you still played it, The Hobbit - totally rubbish frustrating adventure that was all the rage - oh the nostagia!
  • people used to write them in their bedrooms -if you think it was all on 48k too - and games like jetpack were on 16k.
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  • Lemmings was my downfall, bloody addicted to it!
  • Manic Miner - The one before Jet Set Willy on the ZX Speccy.

    That took up too many hours.
    and the 1st ever platform game, p'raps?

  • Loved the original, but it was rubbish, and quickly bettered by other games without a ridiculous footy game animation.  There was one game where you could only score four goals, so if you rocked them up early you almost new it was the end!  Tracksuit manager, was two to three years on but always thought that pretty bloody good for it's time.
  • Used to play one on the spectrum where you had to buy cards to play games and it was penalties only you took, can't remember the name of it but spent hours playing it, also the brilliantly named maradona handball football. I miss the noise and the anticipation of waiting an hour to see if it's loaded correctly.
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    I had that game, it was a board game meant to be played by a few people with the computer deciding results and events. Yes it was pretty good I thought. Can't remember the name either.

    I bought a device where you could transfer your games to a microdrive - remember them. Loading times moved from 5 minutes to 5 seconds.
  • Tracksuit Manager was amazing, I had that on my Commodore 64. It was on a cassette with another game, so you had to load the first game and then load TM!

    I managed to win the European Championship with England once, never quite got to the World Cup as it took too bloody long to play & you couldn't save your progress!

    Kids today with their FIFA, PS3 & XBox don't know they're born!!
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