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    Give me therapy

    I'm a walking travesty

    But I'm smiling on everything

    Therapy you were never a friend to me

    and you can keep all your misery

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    Good band!

    I don't mind a bit of 'Troublegum'. A quality album!
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    Troublegum is in my top twenty albums. I can still listen to it from start to finish without getting bored. Nurse was awesome as well - though a bit less consistent. The early EPs also had some cracking tunes on them, as did Opal Mantra (the title track was brilliant). I think they started to go downhill after Troublegum - Infernal Love had four good songs on it, Semi-Detached had two, and everything other than that was pretty average.

    Cracking live as well.
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    But you can't hide the Knives!!!!!!

    Troublegum is a superb album, I've lost my CD though - thanks for reminding me of it, I shall be downloading it later!

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    Crackers on that album, start to finish. Screamager is one of the best pop songs ever written
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    Yeah, Screamager has one of those riffs that you can just hear as soon as you think of the song.

    Not sure it qualifies as Pop, but I know what you mean. It's a great album for getting the adreneline flowing - would be perfect prior to a big match or going to war!

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    Nah - going to war would be better after listening to Nurse. Teethgrinder makes me want to kill people...
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    Ha ha - don't even remember starting this thread!

    They were a cracking band back in the day. Saw them support Metallica once and it was unbelievable the way they just owned the stage - given there was only three of them and one was obviously kinda rooted to his drum kit!

    Saw Troublegum on Amazon for a ridiculously low price so just had to re-buy it and was clearly listening to it on the train home last night. (My ex from many moons ago took our copy with her - she wasn't stupid!)
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    Crickey , i thought you were suggesting / recommending therapy for some of the people on here!
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    That boy needs therapy.
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    Saw them at Donnington 94, Andy Cairns is great but the young lad that looks like he was out of Spandau Ballet never stopped pogoing even between the songs, mad
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