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Rye (the town not the whiskey).

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Think Rye has been discussed before but my Search isn't working so ........ It's our Ruby Wedding thing in a couple of weeks and the family are carting us off to Rye for a weekend of celebrations. I haven't been there for donkey's years so any must visit pubs, restaurants, or general places of interest (preferably with alcohol) that should be visited?  Cheers folks.


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    In terms of food theres a nice italian on the front which servces a mean Brushetta (but try and sit upstairs.. much less crowded)... and also the chippy next to the mini roundabout is v good! Theres also a nice pub in Winchelsea not far up the road... food pretty good there and its a nice old country pub with a few good ales, next to where Spike Milligan is buried (his Grave is engraved with "I told you I was ill" - legend!)

    Other than that there are a fair few pubs in the centre itself but try and steer clear of those in Rye Harbour... not the best!

    Have fun!



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    Stunning place - on used to be on the coast now due to silting and reclamation, is just on the river. One of the original cinque ports.

    Very historic and picturesque.

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    There's a pub called 'The Ypres Castle Inn' which is worth a look, or was last time I went.
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    March51, congrats on the wedding anniversary!  Can't go wrong with Rye.  Agree with Bing, it's wonderful, one of my favourite places.  Note to self:  need to revisit on next trip to UK.

    Stayed at Mermaid Hotel once, in heart of town, dates back to Tudor times, low ceilings, wooden beams etc.  Food/beer good, if a little on the pricey side, but as it's a milestone wedding celebration........

    Check out website:

    Remember going up the Church tower, awesome view of surrounding countryside. 

    Seem to remember lots of good restaurants. 

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    Thanks people: very useful info. & links. Don't really know how we got to 40 years, especially as I took her to the Valley for one of our first dates!
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    Live just outside of rye myself, although a very nice place to visit, can be very naughty at night, stay well clear of what they call rye anapa, a little moody place near the station, as people have said before the fish and chip shop has gone downhill since changing hands and the pub in winchelsea is now shut down to be reopened soon. Try a pub in pett called the two sawyers your see me perched at the bar or the queens head in icklesham, brilliant food and lots of draught ales and beers.
    Have a good one.
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    Thanks for that CT, every town seems to have a problem area these days no matter how nice it is otherwise.
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    Thanks for that CT, every town seems to have a problem area these days no matter how nice it is otherwise.
    I say.......bring back compulsory National Service.

    That'll sort the little buggers out alright.
    They'll go in boys and come out men.

    What was good for (give it a rest, mate - Ed.)

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    Just got back from the long weekend: had a great time. Lots of food and drink but a fair bit of walking too. A really nice, interesting place. Bermuda Red: you didn't mention that the climb up the church tower was not for the those with a 'fuller figure', but we made it and it was well worth it, terrific views. Hadn't been to Camber Sands for around fifty years but it hasn't changed a bit: the sea still disappears over the horizon somewhere, just as I remember it. Also called in to Dungeness and managed to find one of those WW2 early radar sites that featured in 'Coast' recently: a large concave 'parabolic' concrete wall that picked up the sound waves of approaching bombers: very interesting. So thanks again for the recommendations folks, didn't get to visit all the pubs but perhaps we'll go there for the Golden celebations (I need 10 years to save up for them!).

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    Haven't stayed there but I can also recommend The Mermaid, lovely old place.
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    I'm taking the wife there next month for our belated wedding anniversary. We're staying at The George. Read some good reviews about the hotel and Rye itself so hoping it'll be good. Really looking forward to some time away on our own without the kids.
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    Good choice, Senpai. Though we had the main celebration dinner at the 'Wild Mushroom' restaurant at Westfield a couple of miles from Rye: terrific food and certainly one of the best fillets of beef I've ever had. Looks like a posh nosh place but they took the March mob in O.K and we really enjoyed it.
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