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England U17s World Cup Finals

Well done to Jordan Cousins and the other England boys for qualifying for the last 16, although Jordan came off right at the end with his arm all strapped up, poss shoulder injury.

Did anyone see the canadien goalkeeper score against England in the last game? Another reason for a tall goalkeeper!


  • Yes well done boys but you buggered up my accumulator by beating Uruguay!
  • I hope Jordan is alright, he looked in real pain at the end.
    Watched it with my brother who is a Liverpool supporter, had a discussion over which team had owned the most current England squad members, us or Liverpool. Long story short both of us were worse for wear, the discussion wasn't resolved (he kept changing the rules) so I pointed at the screen and proudly declared "Cousins, he's one of ours!", thats when he went over injured. 
    Typical Charlton luck.
  • Argies up next on Thursday!
  • Germans next in the QF Monday night for JC & his pals!
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