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first choice holiday village costa del sol - anybody going next sunday

hi all

i am off to the above on sunday from gatwick is anybody else going if so let me know and come and say hello i will be wareing my charlton shirt.

only problem i will miss the first home game.






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    there already mate we fly back a week tomorrow though
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    hi cfgs

    hows the food and hotel rooms

    i have heared a few horror stories

    any tips or recommmend any trips


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    I went to the holiday village in the Dominican republic two years ago it was the nuts
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    If you like the colour Terracotta then this place is for you!  It is a bit like a lego hotel, but the weather has been very hot, the food very good.  The only draw backs are all the walking and the showers in our room are rubbish.  But there is loads going on.
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    many thanks for info cfgs

    i will be waring my charton shirt on monday and if you spot us come and say hello and perhaps we can have a beer and a chat



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