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I had sex with a Dog...

She had to much makeup on...Then I woke up....

This forum has gone dog crazy!!! Lookout and Afka needs to investige...

I blame Elliot.


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    And yet you create another topic about dogs (sort of). I'm confused
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    Do you often put make up on your dog before intercourse? I thought them sort of actions were isolated in America and the Isle of Man
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    In China and Korea they are cooked and ate after intercourse.
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    I was just in Copenhagen where it is illegal to get a tattoo on your hands or your face ( why would you?) but bestiality is perfectly legal
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    OK, I confess, I got caught having sex with a dog once.


    When it went to court, the judge said "how low can you get?"


    "Yorkshire terrier" I replied.

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    Not so low as a Dachshund then?
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    Some funny stuff. Damn dog threads!!
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