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***Closed***FUNDRAISING AUCTIONS:The Who/Roger Daltrey signed CDs and Personalised Photograph



  • No idea, he does read CL occasionally.  Feel free to text him Paul.
  • A £50


    Don't let soundas know.  I can't take any more competition :)

  • Current bidding

    A  £50 Alex Wright

    B  £50 T.C.E

    C £60 Valiant Phil
  • Last day today.

    Good luck guys and Girls
  • very quiet. too quiet.......
  • Wait for the 1645 rush
  • 16.58 more like
  • As I was at both the 1974 & 1976 gigs at the Valley, I feel duty bound to up the stakes. My bids are:

     A £55

    B £55

    C £65

  • Nice one Addick2pike

    Current bidding is

    A £55 addick2pike

    B £55 addick2pike

    C £65  addick2pike

  • Last few minutes
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  • edited July 2011
    It's over

    Addick2pike scoops the whole lot.  Well done and thanks to him.

    And if you are who I think you are I'll see you at Bromley tonight.  If not I'll inbox you.

  • It's over
    What's Roy Orbison got to do with it?
  • Big influence on Townsend was the Big O
  • Quick check on the spreadsheet tells me you wonderful people have now raised £605 which is enough for a set of tracksuits for an academy team.

    A big well done to all of you.

    Bromley Addicks and Charlton Life would like to say thanks to everyone who donated prizes (and I got some more cracking shirts last night) and everyone who bid
  • Damn. I hate meetings that start at 1530 and go on

    And on.....

    And on..................

    Well done addickte2pike.
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