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The Ultimate Treatment For Prostate - Perhaps?

This link was just sent to me by an American friend and I'm not sure
if it's meant to be a joke or what but ya just gotta see this...........

What will they think of next?......... and 'hands up' all those who have
tried it......... LOL


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    That creaking sound just before the guy lifts that 200 kg weights brought a tear to my (no not that eye), and WTF is 'Gong Potency'?!?!?!?
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    His wife says "it's made him a new and better man"

    I bloody bet it has. If I swung the equivalent of a nissan micra from my cock every day I'd be a better man too.

    Exiled: I got exactly the same reaction when hearing the creaking, lol
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    Wow that made my eyes water!
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    I wonder if there is someone who could tell if this is for real or just a wind-up?
    looks real enuf but........200 kilos on ones man sausage would probably be
    for too much to 'dangle' ..... right? even with a stiffy.....
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    what link
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    Blimey. I will be out of a job !
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    There's some crazy folk out there, no doubt about it!
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    Talk about swing low , sweet chariot.
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