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Under 11s season tickets for £6 ....

edited July 2011 in General Charlton Carlisle - it works out at  26 pence per game ! The club are targeting total sales of 2,000 and had sold 1,753 as at 17 June, 2011.  Difficult to see how they can keep going over the summer, especially if a fair few of the season tickets are at 6 quid a go ( and free for under 7s ).

It would be interesting to see the figures for the other League 1 teams, although I read that Chesterfield have sold more than 4,500, which is a record for them.

Talking of records, Brighton have sold 15,000 plus 2,600 hospitality packages.  To ensure some,albeit limited, capacity for walk-up support ( taking into account away fans ),  they are starting a waiting list for season tickets and are applying for planning permission at the end of the year to increase capacity from the present 22,500 to 30,500, I am pleased for their supporters, especially the die-hards who traipsed over to Gillingham.


  • It's simple maths, if your ground is going to be half empty then all income is a plus, and don't forget shirts food and drink. Also a percentage of the newcomers will become supporters for life. We pulled in a good crowd last season with a special price, but unfortunately the team was hardly worth watching. I'm sure that they will repeat the excercise this season, hopefully with better results.
  • Pretty much as Granpa says, it's a long term investment regarding the club getting their hooks into them. Show me a kid that don't want a burger and bottle of pop at half time and as much tat as he can squeeze from his dads wallet from the clubshop (or superstore in our case) on the way home.

    Is it really that much different than what we and many other clubs do by giving away free tickets to schools?

    Just another way of "selling the club" to the next generation.

    I personally think it's a good scheme that will bear fruit in the next decade.

    I applaud them.

  • I don't mind if Charlton want to do Season Tickets for £6 for kids , as long as they are housed in the Upper North ;)
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    sounds a great idea, probably persuade a few parents into buying new adult ones to be able to take the kids now
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