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New signing today?

edited July 2011 in General Charlton
No news today of a new signing.


  • boooooo ;-)
  • Any of our targets saying anything on twitter?.
  • Shall we have a thread like this every day we don't sign anyone
  • Wish they'd only state a date if it's definitely going to happen, really annoying.
  • Thats right Danny.
  • "I know there have been conversations this week which may lead to an announcement before the weekend." 

    That's what Slater said. Hardly stating a date or even saying something is going to happen. get a grip lads.
  • Hold on? is the day over? we signed bwp around 9pm  if i remember rightly?..
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  • Did they state a date?

    I thought they just said "might" or something similar not a definitive "will sign"
  • was due to be, failed medical
  • who was it ?
  • Thanks for the whisper large.

    glad to be honest, don't rate Brazilians at this level.
  • who was it can you please whisper it to me?
  • can you whisper it louder so we can all hear
  • I'd be happy to be whispered as well. Thanks.
  • Whisper please?
  • Why whisper?
  • think Henry took it in the spirit it was mentioned ;-(
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  • edited July 2011
    was due to be, failed medical
    Thanks for the whisper large.

    glad to be honest, don't rate Brazilians at this level.
    C'mon guys...think the above are just 'spoof'........or is it??????????? ...................LOL
  • edited July 2011

    I'm sure this is just another one of Henry's 'jokes'  :)

    or Large's, whoever started it!

  • Reel 'em in Large.
  • Shame I like brazillians!!!
  • Think his father is Portuguese chaps, but thanks for the heads up.
    Could deffo do a job but not worth the wages at this level
  • Shame I like brazillians!!!
    My wife said it didn't suit me but I thought it was quite comfy
  • Brazilians are great no itchy throat xxx
  • What came first - the Brazil Nut or Brazil?
  • What came first - the Brazil Nut or Brazil?

    But the majority of them are harvested in Bolivia anyway.  Though, oddly, in Brazil, they are called English Nuts cos that's where most of them end up.

    There's so much oil in them that if you shave an end to a point you can use one as an emergency candle.  Now what was the topic of this thread....

  • is it right that a brazil nuts not a proper nut??!! or is it the hazel nut is not a nut but is a seed!!!!! :-}
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