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Blackburn Rovers

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Not sure if this has been posted yet, so admin feel free to sink if it has

But I'd be pretty upset if I was a Blackburn fan...


  • How funny!
  • like how it was david dunn tucking in there, there's a career for him after football
  • great way to attract new signings by offering free chicken 
  • Didn't know they advocated cannibalism in the blackburn dressing room.

    RIP Chris Samba

  • is it any worse than all the 'megastars' advertising McDonalds or Coca Cola? .. after all, the Venky's are paying their wages
  • I'm gonna have a little guess of Blackburn being relegated this season. And wigan as a definate
  • That's just appalling!
  • That's just appalling!
    Totally agree beds, the sauce on that chicken puts me right off.
  • poor blackburn fans that imbrasesing!!!
  • poor blackburn fans that imbrasesing!!!
    Nearly as embarrassing as some idiot pointing out a spelling mistake i reckon uie2. ;-)
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  • thanks for that tangoflash im dislexic(and i cant even spell that!!) ;-)
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