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The Den's attendance

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6202 <---- what piss poor effort for a supposedly loved player down their, and over 700 were Charlton.  Just thought I'd have a giggle at it.
If we had a player for ten years these days what you reckon our crowd would be?  I'd say at least 10k, thoughts anyone?


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    maybe if we were in the prem but i recken that 6500 would be about what we'd manage now.
  • I seem to remember our testimonials haven't been that greatly attended either.

    Mendonca's vs NEC in 2003 was sub 10k wasn't it?
  • Exactly what I was thinking. The funny thing is they were criticising our attendance on their forum.
  • Over 6000 is a good attendance for a testimonial. Money is tight nowadays, the schoolholidays are on so many folk are away and the recipient of the testimonial fund is only 28 years old, with a good few years to go as a pro footballer. Testimonials should be saved for ex players who have fallen on hard times and not as a nice little tax free earner for current players.
  • they love a pop at our fans, i just wish our fans were like the ones in the east upper, you know very scary and wearing puffer jackets in 25 degrees.
  • £13 as well. Wasn't exactly priced in a way as to encourage a full house.
  • was intending to go but had to go the office for an hour which became 7. Had DB radio but no mention of the game and no internet allowed
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