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Satelite TV receivers? Anyone know anything about it?

As one or two of you may be aware, I am moving soon.
I rung up Virgin Media today to arrange getting my services moved and they informed me that NO, I cant. My new address hasn't got cable. Bugger.
Have been looking at a few things. Obviously sky has been my first port of call. Seems alot more expensive than what I am paying now with VM.
So then I looked  at freeview, cant get that either, Lovely.
Next step was Freesat which I can get all ok.
Which then got me thinking about foreign satellite receivers. Has anybody got one? is it worth it? Is it a good VM/Sky replacement?


  • Is there already a dish where you are moving to?

    If so, I'd just go for sky. They have just announced a price freeze for 12 months (rumours that Virgin are going to up prices) and aligned their packages to make purchasing easier.

    If you really dont want sky BT vision might be worth a look.
  • BT Vision?  Although if you ring up you'll get told by one operator that it works in your area and by another that it doesn't... If you can't get freeview yet it probably isn't an alternative at this moment in time.  Top Up TV requires a freeview signal too and undercuts Sky if you just want to watch the sports channels.  Both BT and TUTV offer Sky Sports cheaper than Sky does.

    Can't get freeview where I live either so next March can't come soon enough.  Sky wouldn't be an option for me out of principle, so stuck with freesat at the moment which isn't too bad actually.
  • Sky dishes can be used for Freesat but you will need a box - get one with a built in recorder.

    To get iPlayer etc to work you will need a broadband connection
  • If you want decent broadband - send me message.
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