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Sponge Bob

He is ace!

Can we have him up front?


  • I thought he was great in the episode where he got some squeaky boots!!! Could we get Squidward to play in goal too?
  • Patrick can be our star player in midfield! Hopefully Spongebob could soak up the pressure too!!!!!!
  • Pearl would be better in goal.
  • Best spongebob ever was the partying all night to the stereo.  

    Squidward in goal would be a big improvement on Gary ;-)
  • Gary may be a bit quicker than some of our prvious CBs
  • Does Squidward  have the legs to last 90 mins though?
  • He's only four inches tall. too short


    Patrick star probably bares an uncanny resemblance to Rob Elliott in the pool

  • Thought about Mr Krabs, he may help us to get our claws on the trophy.

  • I thought about asking Sandy about our chances of promotion but she knows nothing- it's as if she lives in a bubble...................
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