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Plumbing Help/Advice Required...

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I've currently got no hot water in my flat. My electrics tripped not so long ago and after some investigation I narrowed it down to my immersion heater. I've got a brand new one sitting here but I really don't know what I'm doing regarding installing it and wiring it up etc. I don't feel comfortable attempting it anyway.

Just wondering if it really is an easy job? If so what exactly would I have to do? Or failing that if there's anyone local to Mottingham that wouldn't mind helping me out?


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    I would have thought you'd need a qualified plumber to do that. It can be a big job if the water cylinder is not easy to get to.

    One thing I'd be sure of in this situation is that it will cost you more if you attempt it and have to get someone in to 'take over', simply due to the fact that they will know you are in a pickle at that point, and you might have damaged bits along the way.
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    It's not difficult to change an immersion heater but like everything it can be tricky. First you will need to isolate the cold water feed into the cylinder by turning it off. once you have done that you can use an immersion heater spanner which is effectively

    a large ring spanner which can be bought from a plumbers merchant for not very much. At this point the nut will either move and all is well or will be rock solid and immovable. Too much torque at this point can buckle and even rupture the copper cylinder. So do not force it too much. If it won't budge then you will need to remove all the plastic parts and electrical connection and apply heat in order to free the element. Once free it is just a straightforward to replace the old with the new. Electrical connection is also straightforward and no harder than wiring a plug. if you are fairly handy then it's worth a go but if you don't have a clue I think it's worth getting someone in. Good luck.
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    Turn it off then on again
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    How has it gone?? If you still need someone contact me on as that's my email address for my plumbing and heating company.
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